Friday, January 14, 2011

Shivering under the blankets

Along with several more inches of snow our tempertures have been in the teens and low 20's for several days and I just can't get warm. I'm so thankful that I've had the opportunity to be a winter bear and curl up in the easy chair with the dogs and some warm fleece blankets.

I haven't left the house since I returned on Monday night after working my last day of the seasonal job. Today I finally have to put on some makeup, a pair of boots and my warmest clothes and venture back out into the real world. I'm almost out of bread and with Bob gone I'm surviving mostly on "sammiches" so bread is of the utmost importance. I would have gotten the old bread maker out and opted for staying in a few more days but I have an eye exam scheduled and will be picking Amya up to stay the night.

In the meantime I've finished two knitted scarfs, watched Dr. Phil daily to see what is going on with Ted Williams, worked out on the WII a couple of days, gave two of the dogs a bath, read a little, started two movies but haven't finished either (I think I have ADD) and have done some additional housework and have started a third knitted scarf. I've also done quite a bit of internet research and have done a lot of soul searching and thinking. Mini-vacations are so therapeutic!

The blue scarf on the left is a mix of two different yarns, the pinkish one on the right is just a boucle type yarn I purchased at Big Lots for a dollar a ball. It works up very nice but I sure wouldn't want to crochet with it as it's nubby and it would be hard to see the stitches. Keeping the stitches separate on knitting needles is the way to go.

The third scarf will also be a mixture of two different yarns purchased at Big Lots. The colorful nubby yarn should only require one ball for the entire scarf but it will take at least two balls, maybe three of the other.

I've received my first molds for the cobblestones and am going to go purchase my mold release and concrete mix today. I think I'll wait until Bob is home to make my first mix though. He has had some experience at brick laying so I'll depend on his expertise for my first adventure in cobblestone making.

Well off to read an ebook and knit some more. Yes I can do both at once because I only have to look at the knitting when I turn the row.