Monday, January 10, 2011

Making rocks

So...I've been tossing this idea around for a while...making my own cobblestones and/or river rocks. I did some pricing research today and bought three molds on ebay.

One is for making inspirational stones. I figured it would make nice gifts.

The other is for making cobblestones which I'll use in the area between the breezeway and the pool.

And the other is for the river rocks that I plan on putting in front of the window box.

For some reason blogger won't let me put another photo in place to show the river rocks. I'll have to post those in a separate message.

Tonight was my last night working the kiosk selling calendars. I'm going to be working for the bookstore part-time though. So far they are planning on scheduling me on Friday nights and then some weekends. As long as I can still get to the track one day a weekend to watch Jen race it still should work out.

It looks like we have another bout of snow headed our way but I don't need anything from the store and I don't have to go to work for the rest of the week so it's me, the dogs, some organizing around the house and knitting. Can't complain.