Sunday, January 9, 2011

Checking in

I had started this blog quite a while ago and then let it fall into disrepair but have decided to open it back up and start blogging again.

Here is a little catch up information. I was laid off of my job of over 20 years in September of 2009. After the lay off I decided to use some of the severance money to move back to my home state of Pennsylvania. My son, who wasn't working either, decided to make the journey with me. He was born in Pennsylvania but was five when we moved to Indianapolis.

We moved to the beautiful town on Franklin, PA in October of 2009. Franklin is a Victorian town where many of the houses have been well maintained and are listed in the National registry.

One example of a home there is shown below:

It was my dream before moving there to purchase a pink kayak and enjoy the river that was close to my new home. I did realize that dream and was hooked on kayaking from my first trip on the water. As a matter of fact my first trip was featured on the front page of the local newspaper!

We got to enjoy many of the festivities in Franklin throughout the year, such as Franklin on ice.

Bob and I also went bike riding on some of the trails.

I worked briefly for Joy Manufacturing as a parts chaser, or inventory control. My job consisted of tracking parts for some of the huge mining equipment they manufacture at the Franklin facility.

Later in the summer I found out I was eligible for TRA/TAA funding for school and have been attempting to get started on classes for Medical Assistant which are scheduled to start February 1st. It has been a grueling process of paperwork and testing and as of today's date I'm still waiting on official word from Harrisburg, PA.

Fast forward to the present...

John-Michael moved in with his fiance, Angie, and is living in Butler, PA. I moved in with Bob and am living in Pulaski, PA.

I've been working a part-time seasonal job selling calendars for Day By Day Calendars, a subsidary of Borders Express bookstore. That job will end in two more days.

If I don't start attending school I will be looking for full-time work. Wish me luck because there isn't much out there that pays more than minimum wage.

Have to get ready for work now. We'll chat more later. Have a great day.