Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Whoa, whoa, whoa. We aren't done yet

Just before the weekend, thanks to your continued pressure, the Senate rejected an extension of the deceptively named and much abused Patriot Act. Please continue speaking out because they are going to try against to push this outrage through again on May 31st.

Here's the action page:

No Patriot Act Extension:

Sign your "I Object!" Citizen’s Objection to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and your U.S. Senators letting them know you object to ANY extension of the NSA's massive illegal surveillance state - including the phony "reforms" in the House-passed USA FREEDOM Act.

More Actions:

Friday, May 22, 2015

Keeping hope alive on National Missing Children’s Day

On the morning of May 25, 1979, 6-year-old Etan Patz was allowed to walk to school by himself for the very first time.

He left the apartment at 8 a.m. wearing a blue corduroy jacket, blue pants and carrying a bag imprinted with elephants. 

Etan never came home.

A massive search was launched by law enforcement, but Etan was never found and to this day his fate is uncertain.  Although authorities declared Etan dead in 2001, the case is not closed and our search for him continues.

May 25th, the anniversary of Etan Patz's disappearance, has now taken on special significance as National Missing Children's Day.

Every May on National Missing Children’s Day, NCMEC renews our commitment to help locate and recover missing children like Etan.

Please join us on National Missing Children’s Day in honoring Etan’s memory …

help us prevent future abductions by engaging parents, guardians, and families across the country to talk to the children in their lives about safety …

… and above all else, help us keep hope alive.

We never forget about any missing child, no matter how long they have been gone. And the recovery of several long-term missing children in recent years such as Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry in Cleveland offers hope to the families who are still searching, that their own children will one day come home.

Donate to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children today to help find missing children and fund our critical outreach and prevention programs.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Poltergeist | official trailer US (2015) Sam Raimi


The Enfield Poltergeist

The Haunted - Invasion of the Poltergeist

The 1992 Poltergeist Hauntings [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

Ghost Hunters - The Case of The Gorton Poltergeist Documentary

GMO labeling hits Congress

Our right to know what we're eating hit the halls of Congress yesterday with full force.

Executives from some of our nation’s major brands -- including Stonyfield, Patagonia, Ben & Jerry's, and Chipotle -- stood in front of the US Capitol to pressure Congress to stop the "DARK Act" and demand lawmakers pass commonsense GMO labeling legislation.

While Monsanto and major junk food manufacturers are lobbying Congress to keep us in the dark on GMOs, innovative and smart food leaders are stepping up to call for commonsense GMO labeling legislation.

On the heels of our huge event yesterday, we now need your help to keep up the momentum on lawmakers to reject the DARK Act before it’s too late.

Click here to sign our petition demanding Congress reject any attempts to block GMO labeling and stop the DARK Act in its tracks.

Our GMO labeling coalition also released the results of a recent national survey that found an overwhelming supermajority of Americans -- 88% in fact -- believe GMO foods should be labeled.

What’s more, the results showed that GMO labeling crosses party lines. Democrats, Republicans, and independents all agree that labeling genetically modified foods is important to them.

Now it’s time to convince members of Congress that a vast majority of their constituents want GMO labeling legislation. Click the link below to sign our petition:

Thanks for all you do.


Claire Benjamin
Executive Director
Food Policy Action


Unbelievably bad science in the movie Seeds of Death?

"Stop the Surveillance State" Fax Petition

Let me give you an idea of what the C4L office was like last night:

Chinese food was devoured . . .

Caffeinated beverages abounded . . .

Cell phone chargers were being shared . . .

For 10 1/2 hours, Rand Paul filibustered the so-called "Patriot" Act until just before midnight.

C4L staff was in for the long haul too, settled in for the long night working to gin up support nationwide for Senator Paul's continued filibuster on the Senate floor.

By morning, I’m sure senators had a pile of faxes from concerned constituents waiting for them.

But we’re not done yet!

Senator Paul’s actions yesterday delayed any actions on the “Patriot” Act by at a full day.

Majority Leader McConnell wanted to run out the clock on so-called surveillance “reform.”

Now it’s up to you and me to create enough pressure to run out the clock on the surveillance state.

That's why it's vital you sign your "Stop the Surveillance State" Fax Petition so our staff can deliver it to your U.S. Senators immediately.

Then please call both your senators this morning:

Tell your senators you’ve had enough of warrantless wiretapping, bulk data collection, and mass surveillance.

Let them know you’re not fooled by the so-called “reforms” of the USA FREEDOM Act that will not end bulk data collection, despite claims in the media to the contrary.

This fight is not over, and you and I can continue to have a tremendous impact on this debate.

So if you've already signed, I hope you'll forward this email to your friends and family, imploring them to stand up for their civil liberties and Stand with Rand against the surveillance state.

Thank you for all you do. We've got the statists on the run. Let's keep our foot on the gas!

In Liberty,

-- Tim Shoemaker
Director of Legislation

P.S. It's critical we flood the Senate with as many faxes as possible from freedom-loving Americans opposing NSA spying.

Senator Paul spoke until his voice was giving out last night, I trust you’ll continue to stand with him on this important issue.

That's why I hope you'll please chip in whatever you can afford to help C4L expand our "Stop the Surveillance State Banner Bomb" and work to defeat the so-called "Patriot" Act.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dr. Masaru Emoto's Water Molecule Experiments

If this research has merit, it would almost certainly have implications for human health, being that we are in large part made of water.

In this first photo is regular water from the Fujiwara Dam in Japan.

Next is the same water after receiving a blessing from a Buddhist Monk.

In this program, David Wilcock takes on Dr. Emoto's critics.

We all know that water is essential for life as we know it. But, scientists are just now learning how we connect with this life giving substance through our consciousness. This notion is not readily accepted by the science community at large, but droves of evidence are making believers out of skeptics. David Wilcock introduces us to the effect of consciousness upon the crystalline structure of water through the works of Dr. Masaru Emoto and Professor Kenneth Libbrect in this presentation originally webcast May 11, 2015. - See more at:

Wisdom Teachings: [#113] Mind over Water (May 2015)

Season 15, Episode 3
Available worldwide


Orgonite and Tower Busting

This video gives a good overview of orgonite. It doesn't matter if you believe crystals are alive or not! :) Trey's article about orgonite -
Some of Reich's observations have been replicated by other researchers. Stefan Müschenich, in his Master's thesis, demonstrated effects of orgone accumulators on test subjects in keeping with Reich's original descriptions, while subjects exposed to a known "dummy box" showed no such effects.[29] As of 2007, the National Institutes of Health database PubMed, and the Web of Science database, contained only 4 or 5 peer-reviewed scientific papers published (since 1968) dealing with orgone therapy.
Some psychotherapists and psychologists practicing various kinds of Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology have continued to use Reich's proposed emotional-release methods and character-analysis ideas,[29][30][31] but use of orgone equipment is rare, limited mainly to therapists who have been trained in "Reichian" institutions such as the American College of Orgonomy. On the Above Top Secret forum a poster presented a video of an orgonite device giving off readings on an EMF detector as, "Proof that orgonite does NOT block EMF, but creates it." Forum member "AllisOne" responds:
Her experiment was not very scientific. Although I don't subscribe to the orgonite theory, I have read a lot about it. I don't ever remember reading that it "blocks EMF". Ive only read that it "weakens the EFFECT of EMF radiation". However, I'm sure errors in semantics have spread across the net by now. If you think about it... if you are getting an EMF reading from it then it is: A: Creating EMF or B: Absorbing and Reflecting EMF I doubt it is A. If it was A, then it would be an overlooked "free" energy source (not likely). It is most likely B. If it is B, then I think the object is working as advertised. If it is absorbing and reflecting EMF, then that means it IS attracting very small amounts of EMF away from your body. Instead of the EMF going to you, it is absorbed into the orgonite, and then emitted back out at a different (lower less harmful) frequency. It would also mean it IS capable of making EMF transmitters output a fraction less EMF. If you put that thing next to a RF transmitter it would probably interfere with a small portion of the output. Almost like the human body effecting the signal of a FM radio. She might have just proven herself wrong..
More evidence, before and after wearing orgonite. Watch this presentation for more info...



Quartz Healing Therapies - Overview Nano Zero Point Energy Wands

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Senators Rand Paul & Ron Wyden Team Up To Block The Patriot Act

TYT Nation


Dear Friends and Activists,

Do you want to roll back the loss of civil liberties since 9/11?  

If so, please take a few seconds to sign this message to your representatives in Congress to say NO to extending Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act.

This is the section that gives the authority to collect data from almost all of our phone calls.  It is due to expire June 1st.  However, without a mass protest, Congress will extend it.
If you have a few minutes, also call your representatives.  This is 10 times as effective!

Thank you for what you do for a better world!

Fran Shure

Second Petition:

Personally Send Petition Text to Your Representative:

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Government Surveillance (HBO)

Stop the TPP--send a message to your Senators

Dear Friends, 

Please see the message below and, if you agree, please take a few seconds to send this message to your Senators urging them to vote NO on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

For excellent information on this secretive deal, see

Thank you for all the ways you help to make this a better world,

Fran Shure


TPP: The Dirtiest Trade Deal You've Never Heard Of

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

2Pac & The Tibetan Book of the Dead & Tips on Skipping Reincarnation in Favor of Paradise

The Tibetan Book of the Dead  has made been an interesting appearance in popular culture over the past couple years. I think many people fear death because of not understanding it. People want to know what happens after death, so a book like the Tibetan Book of the Dead naturally becomes a source of curiosity. The Tibetan Book of the Dead is well known for describing in detail the sometimes pleasant and other times horrifying visions that are described during the transition time between death and the next life, know as the bardo.

My first exposure to this book actually came through one of my favorite rap artists when I was in high school. I went through a list of books that 2pac Shakur read while he was in highschool, books that he read during his leisure time. The Tibetan Book of the Dead was one of the books that he read. In his songs, he constantly made allusions to his only fear of death was being reincarnated. In a funny indirect way, that put the book on my radar.
The Tibetan Book of the Dead is one of the texts that, according to legend, Padma-Sambhava was compelled to hide during his visit to Tibet in the late 8th century. The guru hid his books in stones, lakes, and pillars because the Tibetans of that day and age were somehow unprepared for their teachings. Now, in the form of the ever-popular Tibetan Book of the Dead, these teachings are constantly being discovered and rediscovered by Western readers of many different backgrounds--a phenomenon which began in 1927 with Oxford's first edition of Dr. Evans-Wentz's landmark volume. While it is traditionally used as a mortuary text, to be read or recited in the presence of a dead or dying person, this book--which relates the whole experience of death and rebirth in three intermediate states of being--was originally understood as a guide not only for the dead but also for the living. As a contribution to the science of death and dying--not to mention the belief in life after death, or the belief in rebirth--The Tibetan Book of the Dead is unique among the sacred texts of the world, for its socio-cultural influence in this regard is without comparison.

This fourth edition features a new foreword, afterword, and suggested further reading list by Donald S. Lopez, author of Prisoners of Shangri-La: Tibetan Buddhism and the West. Lopez traces the whole history of the late Evans-Wentz's three earlier editions of this book, fully considering the work of contributors to previous editions (C. G. Jung among them), the sections that were added by Evans-Wentz along the way, the questions surrounding the book's translation, and finally the volume's profound importance in engendering both popular and academic interest in the religion and culture of Tibet. Another key theme that Lopez addresses is the changing nature of this book's audience--from the prewar theosophists to the beat poets to the hippies to contemporary exponents of the hospice movement--and what these audiences have found (or sought) in its very old pages.
From the book Lifetimes - True Accounts of Reincarnation by Frederick Lenz, PH.D:
Fifteen persons with whom I have spoken claim to have recalled the passage of their soul through the nonphysical worlds. In these cases a person had a remembrance in which he experienced full participation in one of his past lives. But instead of his remembrance terminating during some point within that lifetime, he believes that he reexperienced his death at the end of that lifetime, he believes that he reexperienced his death at the end of that past life, the passage of his soul through the higher worlds after his death, and his rebirth in his next incarnation. In each of these cases of between-life remembrance, people experienced similar phenomena to note that although none of these cases persons were familiar with the Book of the Dead prior to their remembrance, their descriptions of both the order and nature of their experiences are strikingly similar to the descriptions of death and rebirth process found in the Tibetan Book of the Dead.
From The Death and Afterlife Book: The Encyclopedia of Death, Near Death, and Life After Death by James R. Lewis (Writing in regard to the Tibetan Book of the Dead):
The consciousness of the departed has an ecstatic experience of the primary "clear light" at the death moment. Everyone gets at least a fleeting glimpse of the light. The more spiritually developed see it longer, and are able to go beyond it to a higher level of reality. The average person, however, drops into the lessor state of the secondary "clear light."

In stage two, the departed encounters the hallucinations resulting from the karma created during life. Unless highly developed, the individual will feel that she is still the body. The departed then encounters various apparitions, the "peaceful" and "wrathful" deities, that are actually personifications of human feelings and that, to successfully achieve nirvana, the deceased must encounter unflinchingly. Only the most evolved individuals can skip the Bardo experience altogether and transit directly in the paradise realm.
  The Bardo of Death
The Tibetan Buddhist tradition has concentrated more attention on helping the dying person cross the borders of death than any other living religious tradition...

Following the process leading up to death, the person's experience of the bardo of death commences. However, for most individuals, it passes by in a split second and goes unnoticed. Only those who have undergone training in and practiced meditation, contemplative prayer, and similar spiritual disciplines will likely even be aware of the bardo of death.

One description of the kind of meditation done by advanced practitioners consists of a conscious effort to "dissolve space into light", which if successful will propel the dying soul into an a state of light and bliss beyond the continual cycles of birth and death to which most souls are subject. For those less familiar with such formal meditation practices, the act of remembering very bright light (such as, for example, remembering an experience of staring into the sun) and seeing that light as a source of pure awareness or divine love could produce a similar effect. A series of meditations and understandings that can be helpful as one enters or prepares to enter the bardo can be found on our Death Meditations page.
In Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu gives instructions for developing clarity within the sleep and dream states. He goes beyond the practices of lucid dreaming that have been popularized in the West by presenting methods for guiding dream states that are part of a broader system for enhancing self-awareness called Dzogchen. In this tradition, the development of lucidity in the dream state is understood in the context of generating greater awareness for the ultimate purpose of attaining liberation.

This revised and expanded edition includes additional material from a profound and personal Dzogchen book, which Chögyal Namkhai Norbu wrote over many years. This material deepens the first edition's emphasis on specific exercises to develop awareness within the dream and sleep states. Also included in this book is a text written by Mipham, the nineteenth-century master of Dzogchen, which offers additional insights into this extraordinary form of meditation and awareness.


AUDIOBOOK : The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying - by Sogyal Rinpoche [ FULL ]

From The Death and Afterlife Book: The Encyclopedia of Death, Near Death, and Life After Death by James R. Lewis:
Ian Stevenson's credentials and careful research methods have led to acceptance of his work by colleges who would dismiss other psychic researchers out of hand. He was president of the international Parapsychological Association in both 1988-89. His publications include Telepathic Impressions (1970), Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation (1974), Cases of the Reincarnation Type (in four volumes, 1975-1983), and Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation (1987).