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Adam Taylor has been researching the events of 9/11 since August of 2007. He's a former contributor to the blog "Debunking the Debunkers of the 9/11 Truth Movement." He's also worked as a contributing writer and researcher for sites such as Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and ScientificMethod 911.org. He's the author of the online AE911Truth.org multipart essay "Debunking the Real 9/11 Myths: Why Popular Mechanics Can't Face up to Reality."

New paper written up, which touches on a topic I wrote about before on the blog.


Also, while researching for it, found a paper published in the Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics.


The lead author, Ivan Nemec, is a member of Scientists for 911 Truth.


He has another paper on the WTC published in a journal here:


Peer-Reviewed 9/11 Truth:


Host Info:


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Debunking Gun Control Advocate Statistical Analysis - DAVID HOGG: The Unfiltered, Unpopular Truth! | Louder With Crowder




Art Bell... The Theories As To Them Being Extraterrestrial Is Vastly Changing http://undebunkingufos.blogspot.com/2021/03/art-bell-theories-as-to-them-being.html

Marcus Allen of Nexus magazine debunks the Apollo Moon landing hoax


Concerning the moon (AKA debris of a spacecraft?) related material below, if man did land on the moon, there is still a conspiracy going on to cover-up what we found. Either that, or the moon whistleblowers here are mixed up in a disinformation campaign to cover-up that we didn't go...

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Response to TicTok Abusing Their Hate Speech Policy to Take Away Free Speech and Censor a Video - YouTube AGE-RESTRICTED Crowder?! War Against Big Tech Heats Up

Response to TicTok Abusing Their Hate Speech Policy to Take Away Free Speech and Censor a Video

Music: Bryson Gray

This vid was removed by TikTok for hate speech. It does not violate the definition of such speech, which is not recognized by the Supreme Court anyway. Free speech is everything except calls to violence. Broader definitions allow this very type of abuse.

Music: Tom MacDonald

Watch "YouTube AGE-RESTRICTED Crowder?! War Against Big Tech Heats Up | Louder with Crowder" on YouTube



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Wisdom on the Secrets of the Wheel of Karma and the Afterlife, Sins (and Heroism) of the Father, and Collective Racial Guilt...

I came to write this post, first after finding a WW2 tribute video (embeded slightly below) to my grandfather, who I essentially share the exact same name with, including my middle name.

Next, I saw a karmic discussion about "sins of the father" on the comment section of this...

Tom made my boyfriend cry!! Tom MacDonald - "WHITEBOY" reaction

This all then led me to this amazing piece of wisdom.

Sins of the Father, the Ghost in your Genes

Here's the aforementioned video showcasing one of my such ghosts and the inheritance wasn't sin from him, but rather heroism. A bit of a warrior's spirit I've been said to have, if you rather.

So all of this juxtaposed with other knowledge on these topics I've acquired, inspires me to say this... As it pertains to bad things having a karmic staining impact, it's best to remember we are witnessing spiritual evolution school in session. For individuals to criticize others for things such as slavery, the bigger lesson to be learned is that the wheel or karma will hit you in the ass if you misuse/disrespect it like that by abusing others on their journey. Familial karma is stronger than racial collective karma, so whites in general aren't very affected by the relevant stats and for those who are, they are far from karmically alone. Slavery is not a karmic stain that in any way is white owned.

"Here’s the thing… at the height of American slavery, which rested on African slavery—black Africans captured the blacks and sold them to the whites—at the height of American slavery about 1 to 2% of Americans owned slaves. 1 to 2 percent. Oh and by the way, some of those slave owners were blacks. One study has reported that 28% of free blacks owned slaves, far higher than the percentage of free whites who owned slaves."

Same goes for genocide stats in relation to whites and numbers of stacked dead bodies.

History, both past and recent, tells the same gory story of no group's hands being clean.

We are all in this karmic school together.

When one finds themselves directly tangled up with shameful history, their reaction matters, but equally important is the reaction of those negatively affected if and when they should meet. In these cases, the prior victims, get the chance to take the high road and burn off an extra helping of darkness from their soul. To put it another way, if you do no better in similar life situations than those that you speak ill of due to the past, then for you the past will essentially repeat/rhyme, except with you again at the losing end. What comes around goes around is common knowledge. The lesser known wisdom is that it then presents a chance for the cycle to be broken, or else it will continue to spin. The biggest secret on this overall subject is the imense power of being able to forgive yourself and all others, as well as choosing a life path focused on service to others vs service to self, fast tracks you to graduation! The spoon at that point appears to bend itself because of the mind bending realization that there is no spoon.

Simulation theory, BTW, isn't at all at odds with any of this theology. In fact, it can easily be seen as only a new spin on ancient descriptions of enlightenment. Furthermore, Gnostic Christianity and Buddhism themes, which nicely dovetail and compliment each other, are in fact pervasive throughout The Matrix movies. Even the mainstream of and less esoteric branches of these belief systems get along perfectly well together, suggesting some underlying universal truths are indeed being conveyed in slightly different ways. Here are two scholarly books supportive of that conclusion: 

The Good Heart: A Buddhist Perspective on the Teachings of Jesus - In this landmark book of interfaith dialogue, the Dalai Lama provides an extraordinary Buddhist perspective on the teachings of Jesus, commenting on well-known passages from the four Christian Gospels including the Sermon on the Mount, the parable of the mustard seed, the Resurrection, and others. Drawing parallels between Jesus and the Buddha--and the rich traditions from which they hail--His Holiness delivers a profound affirmation of the sacred in all religions. Readers will be inspired by the Dalai Lama's discussion of the endless merits of each tradition and uplifted by the common humanity between them. 

Rainbow Body and Resurrection: Spiritual Attainment, the Dissolution of the Material Body, and the Case of Khenpo A Chö - Francis V. Tiso, a noted authority on the rainbow body, explores this manifestation of spiritual realization in a wide-ranging and deeply informed study of the transformation of the material body into a body of light. Seeking evidence on the boundary between physical science and deep spirituality that might elucidate the resurrection of Jesus, he investigates the case of Khenpo A Chö, a Buddhist monk who died in eastern Tibet in 1999. Rainbow Body and Resurrection chronicles the dissolution of Khenpo's material body within a week of his death, including eye-witness interviews. Tiso describes the spiritual practices that give rise to the rainbow body and traces their history deep into the encounter of religions in medieval Central Asia. His erudite exploration of the Tibetan phenomenon raises the fascinating question of whether there is a connection between the rainbow body and the dying and rising of Jesus. Drawing on a wealth of recent research, Tiso expands his discussion to include the contemplative geography out of which Dzogchen arose some time in the eighth century along the great Silk Road across Central Asia. The result is an illuminating consideration of previously unimagined relationships between spiritual practices and beliefs in Central Asia.

This could all just be a game built for consciousness self-learning, contained in a simulation of biologically entity held conscioussness, further contained in a black cube floating somewhere out in deep space, or some such thing. OR less literally, it could be basically that same description, but is simulation or dream-like when compared to a heavinly transcendent realm of reality. Karma, like the spoon in The Matrix, too ceases to exist when one's mind is expanded and is ready to let go of all emotional attachment to the lessons they've learned. You are a sovereign extension of source field consciousness creation energy. You have free will. Don't allow any tricksters to convince you otherwise. Stop the wheel. A rainbow body of light and endless potential awaits you.

Christ with Rainbow Aura

“Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father.” – Mathew, 13.43:

WARNING! The Afterlife "Life Review" Is A Trap! - When you die, should you go into the light?

2Pac & The Tibetan Book of the Dead & Tips on Skipping Reincarnation in Favor of Paradise

Escaping the Matrix - Breaking the Cycle of Reincarnation to a Prison Planet/Body - THEY RECYCLE YOUR SOUL by Wes Penre: 

The Rainbow Body - Periodically Updated Research Page

Absolute Very Best Evidence (NOT 100% Proof) for the Existence of Reptilian Humanoids and Energetic Shapeshifting Reptilians AKA Demon Possession:


PETITION: Say 'No' to COVID 'Vaccine Passports'!




Joe Rogan is right about Alex Jones being right about a lot and more than he knows...





Joe Rogan is right about Alex Jones being right about a lot and more than he knows...


PETITION: Say 'No' to COVID 'Vaccine Passports'!


Topher - Circle Back

Topher - Circle Back

"No Good Bastards" - Tom MacDonald, Nova Rockafeller & Brandon Hart

I called my grandpa a no good dirty bastard at 5 years old for tossing my toys out the window. Still here taking no shit like these ones. It'll probably get criticized for gloryfying violence. Good fight song though.

Topher - Facts Are Racist (feat. Bryson Gray)[Lyric Video]

Topher - Facts Are Racist (feat. Bryson Gray)[Lyric Video]

URGENT: US Veteran and Activist Joe Biggs Needs Help Fighting Trumped Up Charges Over Capitol Protest


URGENT: US Veteran and Activist Joe Biggs Needs Help Fighting Trumped Up Charges Over Capitol Protest

#1 Bestseller Book: 'The Deep Rig: How Election Fraud Cost Donald J. Trump the White House, By a Man Who did not Vote for Him' - BYRNE SUGGESTS THAT OVERTURNING ELECTION FRAUD IS NOT OUT OF THE QUESTION


#1 Bestseller Book: 'The Deep Rig: How Election Fraud Cost Donald J. Trump the White House, By a Man Who did not Vote for Him' - BYRNE SUGGESTS THAT OVERTURNING ELECTION FRAUD IS NOT OUT OF THE QUESTION

PETITION: Go back to paper ballots only #BackToTheBallot - Resident Biden should sign the petition based on past statements


PETITION: Go back to paper ballots only #BackToTheBallot - Resident Biden should sign the petition based on past statements






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While Searching for An Updated Version of Artist Lowkey's Song Obama Nation, Perhaps Called O'Biden-Bama Nation 2021 or Something? I Instead Found the Recently Released Song McDonald Trump?

Joe Biden Declares Himself An "O'Biden-Bama Democrat ...

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden made a memorable verbal slip up Saturday during a campaign event in Missouri. "We're going to unite this party and unite this country," Biden said. "And...

While Searching for An Updated Version of Artist Lowkey's Song Obama Nation, Perhaps Called O'Biden-Bama Nation 2021 or Something? I Instead Found the Recently Released Song McDonald Trump? 

Hmm. Why give resident Biden a pass and focus (disingenuously) on the last President? Plus the open borders lyrics are not aging well already. How hard is to understand that sovereign nations allow a place to run from any (likely via consolidation of power) tyranny that may result, from the admitted ongoing attempt at global governance and said nations require borders and laws for entry? Do you even freedom bro?

But I digress, the President before last is more relevant now than 45 is. The creep in chief was Obama's Veep after all and Obama the bomber is thought by many to be the shadow man behind the Trump Russia scam and the proxy in uncle Joe's empty suit to boot! 

On that note, bring that shit back one more time, Sam. 

Rush Limbaugh Producer 'Bo Snerdley' lookin' like Suge Knight about to bust a cap on TDS rappers for hatin' on his dead homie in this version of the song...

Thankfully, not everybody raps like ya'll TDS afflicted Dr. Seuss player haters and they are keeping it much less low-key. 


Drop the gun! "Nope" Alright! BANGBANGBANGBANG - Fuck left and right, black and white, such feverish police shootings are not alright. But systemic racism isn't our plight. And calling all cops bastards isn't too bright. To ensure our rights, we must fight, hyper-partisan spin that serves to conquer and divide and makes us lose our true sight.

Must Watch This Video Before Reading!...
Should Cops Be Allowed To Shoot People We Don't Like - Holding Gov Accountable

Don't drop the gun? alright! BANGBANGBANGBANG

Here's my unpopular but IMHO objectively correct take on the larger issues at hand here. Not politically correct. And not right as in leaning in that ideogical direction. But correct and right as in empirically and morally sound middle/common ground.

As the law stands this cop will not get in any trouble. But I'm troubled nonetheless. I think the suspect was trying to pretend it was his property and thus calmly refusing to comply as part of an ill-conceived ruse, that he thought he could use to BS his way out of the situation. But no such critical thinking regarding the shooting victim's mindstate was attempted. No clear declaration was made by the authority figure that any such excuses were not being considered as plausible at all.  Zero effort by the policeman at de-escalation with the cursing and yelling. There is no offensive hand motion from the suspect that should have so terrified the boy in blue, with weapon drawn and kevlar on. There is no attempt made to talk the calm suspect down off the ledge so to speak. Not one word uttered to try and make it clear that the immediate arrest problems the suspect feared, were not worse than the likely permanent outcome of non-compliance. Not one iota of consideration that many suspects have complied on camera in such situations only to be gunned down all the same. Not one word of promise to not hurt the suspect if he complied. I don't hear. "Be smart. I don't wanna hurt you. Just drop the gun and we'll figure this out. I know you don't want to go to jail, but cooperate and I'll go as easy on you with charges as I can and report that you cooperated, etc, etc, etc." 

A decision has been made to be overly cautious from apparently some similar situations that ended badly for cops, but any such outcomes are certainly very, very, rare. Cops aren't being dropped dead in droves. Not now or ever. I understand that Black Lives Matter, as a movement, not as a statement (which is obviously true just as All Lives Matter is) is based on false narratives about police incidents and that Marxism is the real goal of that organization. I do not think all cops are bastards as the leftist mob cries and yes blue lives and the thin blue line they protect matters. It bears repeating again friends, the veneer of civilization is paper thin. And no, the coppers aren't plagued by systemic racism, nor are they free of the issue completely. This is to be expected, however, since we haven't achieved utopia. A lofty goal that will never see fruition, absent the even worse tool of totalitarian global statist control.  

Black communities are plagued by gang violence, however, so dispoportionate numbers do exist. All that said, I'm not blinded by partisanship, because I also know that being a police officer isn't even in the top 10 most dangerous US jobs. And left leaning Huff Po is correct in pointing out that:

"The fact is: being a policeman is not one of the most dangerous jobs you can have, according to statistics from the Bureau of Labor. In five years, 2008 to 2012, only one policeman was killed by a firearm in the line of duty in New York City."

So while it's currently legal because of police training to empty the full clip and shoot from the hip. I call bullshit! This needs to end. The data doesn't justify such training in the first place, let alone the following legal basis that explains this behavior as brainless to question. It's baseless. Inane twits, are then common place, with their not-so-common sense tired ass two cents take and twist of the wrist. Either, accept all this or be on the police hater criminal shit list. I rather go against the grain and use my own brain with some true grit. 

If the police are our heroic friends, there to first protect and serve, then asking them to heroically take a statistically small risk to protect even the suspect who is presumed innocent until proven guilty is not too much to ask. They are our tax dollar paid for public servants, not our "officials" or storm troopers, and certainly not judge, jury, and executioner

They are capable of less lethal force and firing as few shots as possible, to make a day in court possible. Graveyard justice is impossible. We deserve calm under pressure and fire from a hero. Panicked curses and guns emptied of bullets are not extraordinary attributes. These sadly are more akin to trademarks of an orwellian police state



Biden Ministry Of Truth (Tony Heller)

  Biden Ministry Of Truth (Tony Heller)

The Kamala Harris administration has been deleting and rewriting climate history at warp speed over the past seven weeks. I document some of that in this video.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 20, 2021.]

Debunking the Debunkers: Debunking Potholer54 and Global Warming/Climate Change Propaganda




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Best Cute Kitty Cats of 2021!

“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” ― Mark Twain So, trick them into seeing the truth I guess! Idea: promise cute cats and then hit 'em with facts!


The devastating fallout of the Biden administration's job-killing rampage continues - 21 States Sue






Racist NOFX Video Sources/Text

Let me start off by saying that I grew up listening to NO F X. Not only that, I was in a hardcore punk band for years called Illithed that played a show with the band Bouncing Souls, who recently had a member attend Fat Mike's backyard COVID concert. I enjoyed the recent concert and I still like much of their music and don't think Fat Mike is a raging racist. I think he holds some racist views about whites in general, but is probably a great guy person to person. I also think he has the good intentions that pave the way to hell and is misinformed. That said, let's jump in.

The Daily Stormer, a site with a reputation of being racist, states that the punk rock band no f x are the ones that a bigoted.


"The band NO F X is a bunch of Jew punks from the Los Angeles area, making big bucks by sliming us White people."

End Quote.

It's easy to say, wow, a racist calling someone else a racist, but this is simple-minded. Let's instead ask a simple question and explore. So, could the actions of no f x over the years played a role in people becoming racists themselves, or at least ethno-nationalists, which is no more inherently racist than the Chinese de facto ethno-state, akin to that of North Korea and Japan for instance, as well as the explicit ethno-state of Israel. Some deny, for example, that Israel is an ethno-state, while others opposed to ethno-nationalism acknowledge it. Take for example an article on current affairs dor org that stated the best way to counter this type of argument from white nationalist Richard Spencer would be to say the following. 


It’s very easy, if you are a consistent opponent of ethno-nationalism, to counter Spencer’s challenge. When he says “What about Israel? That’s an ethno-state,” one obvious response is “Exactly, the unjust hierarchies in Israel show exactly why ethno-states are contrary to the principles of universal human dignity and equal participation in power.”

For the record, I am a civic nationalist not an ethno-nationalist, but I recognize that non-racist people may simply believe that more harmonious outcomes come from their ideology. But I digress.

An article at punk news dot org has a headline that reads, "Group accuses no F X of calling for “white genocide”.

Ironically, the dismissive article begins with a meme image that reads, "Won't somebody please think of the white people." This itself is racist against whites. As if whites who are 11.5% of the global population face no oppression or anti-white racism. The seemingly perpetual slaughter and government sanctioned land acquisition of white farmers is South Africa and the plethora of evidence found at anti white racism exposed dot blog spot dot com beg to differ. Whites indeed experience racism directed toward them globally and in America. Let's look at one quick example from the the odyssey online dot com and then we'll get back to the alleged racism in the article about no f x.


(Noun) - the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. 

Basically, stating that white people have white privilege literally falls under the exact definition of racism.

End Quote:

In full the punk news dot org piece reads, quote:

A Canadian immigration group, the Canadian Immigration Report has is criticizing NO F X who are performing as part of Riot Fest. The issue was initiated by the band's satirical 1992 song, "Kill All the White Men," from The Longest Line. The group characterized the sarcastic song as calling for "white genocide."

This, sadly, isn't the first time that some oversensitive Canadians took umbrage to that particular song. In 2005, the song received criticism after being played on a Canadian radio station. The song violated a rule states that a radio station cannot air material that "[contains] gratuitous violence in any form, or otherwise sanction, promote or glamorize violence. The station was banned from broadcasting the song.

Common sense knowledge abounds that people hide behind satire. So, let's check out a bit of the lyrics of this song, that has sparked claims of anti-white racism and promoting violence, by two different organizations, as noted in the article...


The white man call himself civilized Cause he know how to take over The white man come to pillage my village Now he tell me I have to bend over Wo yeah, moah yeah, kill all the white man Wo yeah yeah yeah, wo yeah Wo yeah, moah yeah, kill all the white man No I do not like the white man up in me He rape my people as he rape my country Everything I love and cherish He try to take away We will be rid of him Soon come the day Wo yeah, moah yeah, kill all the white man

End Quote:

Saying these words in a funny voice doesn't make them OK. A reddit post analyzing the meaning of another no f x song inadvertently demonstrates why both of these songs are racist...


It's a rejection of the white stereotype, and also racism. "Don't call me white" means "don't apply the white stereotype to me, because it doesn't fit." People of color don't like being stereotyped for the color of their skin, and neither do white people.

The connotations wearing my nerves thin

Could it be semantics generating the mess we're in?

End lyrics. 

I hate the implications that come with being labeled "white."

It's left unsaid, but I always assumed it was many things, but in particular assuming that if you're white, you're racist, and if you're white, you're "the man." Part of The Establishment.


I understand that language breeds stereotype

But what's the explanation for the malice, for the spite?

 End Lyrics.

I get where stereotypes come from, but why do you hate me just because of the color of my skin?


I wasn't brought here, I was born

End Lyrics. 

We don't choose the circumstances we're born into.


Circumsized, categorized, allegiance sworn,

End Lyrics. 

And we're indoctrinated into those circumstances.


Does this mean I have to take such shit

For being fairskinned? No!

End Lyrics. 

Should I be punished for things beyond my control? Of course not.


I ain't a part of no conspiracy,

I'm just you're average Joe.

End Lyrics. 

Being white doesn't make me "the man."


Represents everything I hate,

The soap shoved in your mouth to cleanse the mind

The vast majority of sheep

A buttoned collar, starched and bleached

Constricting veins, the blood flow to the brain slows

They're so fuckin' ordinary white

End Lyrics. 

The part of the white stereotype that NO F X particularly hates and rejects is the "sheeple" stereotype. That most white people just accept their part in the system as an office drone, never question it, and certainly never rebel against it. That is the opposite of what NO F X stands for.


We're better off this way

Say what you're gonna say

So go ahead and label me

An asshole cause I can

Accept responsibility, for what I've done

But not for who I am

End lyrics. 

End Quote:

So you see, he's not like those other fair skinned people that are racist colonizers that run the corrupt political system steeped in white supremacy, that represents everything he hates. No, he's just a pale skinned Jew, who is better than those whites.

Think I'm taking that too far?

Then how about another no f x song called the brews, short for Hebrews, that states, quote:

Friday night we'll be drinking Manischewitz Going out to terrorize Goyim End quote: Goyim, according to the thefreedictionary.com is a an often offensive Jewish word for A person who is not Jewish. This term is usually used with disparaging intent, implying a mild contempt for the attitudes, traits, and customs of non-Jews. Although it may be used in a neutral, even positive way to refer to a Christian, it almost always connotes a degree of condescension. Usually the context, such as the use of a qualifying adjective, will show the intent of the speaker.

Let's get some more of that at violent hateful context from the lyrics, shall we.


Stomping shagitz, screwing shiksas As long as we're home by Saturday morning Cause hey, we're the Brews Sporting anti-swastika tattoos Oi Oi we're the boys Orthodox, hesidic, O.G. Ois Orthopedic, Dr. Martens good for Waffle making, kicking through the shin Reputation, gained through intimidation Pacifism no longer tradition

End Quote. 

But there's a white guy in the band you say?! Yeah, the guy mentioned in the album title white trash, two heebs, and a bean. So the two Hebrew guys are heebs, the Mexican is a bean based on their wonderful food, and the white guy is trash. Got it! Not hating all whites doesn't make you generally very racist towards the group. Back in the day many more than now differentiated prejudice
from racism based on violence, but no f x seemingly fails that test too based on rhetoric. 

Here's another example...


Stone Brewing Co. cut ties with NO F X after they joke about Las Vegas shooting

Fat Mike: “We played a song about Muslims and we didn’t get shot. Alright.”


Eric Melvin: “I guess you only get shot in Vegas if you are in a country band.”


Fat Mike: “You know that sucked, but at least they were country fans and not punk rock fans.”

Dave and Mahoney stated in response:

NO F X thought it would be “hilarious” to joke about the October 1 shootings while on stage in Las Vegas. They said “at least they were country fans and not punk rock fans”. This is disgusting and callous. We will never support anything involving this band ever again. 

Lareesa @blackflaghag stated what the fuck is wrong with NO F X and Fat Mike’s racist Islamophobic rants? What an absolute fucking asshole. Ruined our night, dick

End quote.

Finally, let's let some black conservative's address this supposed system of white supremacy that no f x and many far leftists drone on about. 

Conservative Black Leaders: ‘White Supremacy’ Now Has Same Impact as ‘N-Word’

Members of a national network of black leaders applauded President Donald Trump’s executive order to defund “critical race theory” training at the federal level.

In a press release Wednesday, members of Project 21, an endeavor of the National Center for Public Policy Research, said critical race theory is a “radical philosophy promoting a false notion of systemic American racism and pitting races against each other.”

“The truth is that critical race theory is just rebranded identity politics designed to keep the liberal hierarchy in place,” said Donna Jackson, one of Project 21’s leaders, in a statement. “But it is much more damaging because it perpetuates the bias they claim to end.”

Jackson added:

Dwelling on whiteness and white supremacy now has the same physiological impact that the n-word did during slavery and segregation. It creates a superiority-inferiority relationship that implies that white people have to give minorities permission to succeed – which is not true. As a black American, I’ve always believed that what I think about myself is more important than what others think of me and that my success depends on me.

In a memorandum dated September 4, Russell Vought, director of the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), said Trump directed him to “ensure that Federal agencies cease and desist from using taxpayer dollars to fund these divisive, un-American propaganda training sessions.”

The memorandum continued:

[A]ll agencies are directed to begin to identify all contracts or other agency spending related to any training on “critical race theory,” “white privilege,” or any other training or propaganda effort that teaches or suggests either (1) that the United States is an inherently racist or evil country or (2) that any race or ethnicity is inherently racist or evil. In addition, all agencies should begin to identify all available avenues within the law to cancel any such contracts and/or to divert Federal dollars away from these un-American propaganda training sessions.

“Critical race theory is bigotry, pure and simple,” said Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper. “Its advocates should apologize to Jim Crow and South African apartheid supporters for ever offering a critical word. Claiming that people have characteristics and behaviors due solely to their race is a tired, old and evil idea that has no business being supported by taxpayer dollars.”

End quote. It should probably be noted that fat Mike doesn't like Donald Trump, but holds him to higher moral standard that bill Clinton. Policy is really what matters, but fat mike has a fat head and obviously doesn't get any of it anyway, so who cares. 


"Finally, let's let some black conservative's black address this supposed system of white supremacy" was a funny perhaps racist sounding typo and one not worth the time to fix. There is something to be said for striving for perfection and attention to detail. There is also something to be said for not being obsessive and using your precious time towards as many good causes as possible. It's good enough as they say, just like Fat Mike's mistake filled COVID concert where he showcased his amazing lack of knowledge of NOFX lyrics. ;)