Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creative moment!

For quite some time I've had a todo list of crocheting projects I've wanted to get to but had to put off until after the holidays. This week and last the time presented itself and my creative juices were flowing.

I had decided I wanted to crochet some curtains for our bedroom. All that was up at the windows was generic cranberry colored valances and the windows themself are really nice as the ivy growing on the house grows up around those bedroom windows, and the other back bedroom, and it's really pretty. I didn't want to put full curtains up and cover the view of the ivy so decided to make valances but I wanted to see some texture too so that when the evening sun comes in the window it would cast some pretty shadows around the room.

I basically made the design up myself by looking at several crochet patterns and winging it. I've been wanting to try some crocheting with beads too so my first attempt is the edging on these curtains. I just happened to have some cheap pony beads on hand so used them but it would have been really nice to invest in some more unique beads. Maybe another project.

I really only have one curtain completed...the one shown in the middle window of the picture posted below. You can see the contrast of the valances that were up at the window and also the one curtain, on the left, for which I haven't completed the edging (the edging was an afterthought while working on the second panel.)

This picture is just to show some of the beaded crochet edging detail.  I'm hoping after the curtains have hung for a while the cotton will begin to stretch and will hang a little more loosely. 

I doubt if I will pursue any addtional curtain crochet for a while but I sure do enjoy working with the beads and I have scarf designs playing around in my head now and can't wait to get started.  I'm seeing some nice ladies Steelers black and gold beads on some scarves and shrugs for next season and some other fancy things.  Oh if my body could just keep up with all of the thoughts whirling through my head.  It's like a whirling durvish of ideas.  (Thanks for the editing touch Kathy)