Monday, January 10, 2011

Good morning

Bob is in Florida for a race right now and I'm taking it easy for a couple of days, kind of like a mini-vacation. I miss him terribly when he is gone and I don't do "alone" too well but I'm finding that the time I do spend alone becomes time for reinventing myself and inner reflection.

I haven't taken down the Christmas decorations yet so that's one thing on my to do list. The dogs need baths and there is always cleaning and organizing to be done. I also haven't really started on my New Years resolution of dieting and exercising but today will be the start of that journey also.

Oh believe me, I've cut way back on the goodies! I made sure that the last of the chocolate covered peanuts were all packed in Bob's things to take. I've even frozen the cookies, but even frozen they are good for dunking in hot coffee so they just need to go!

It's really cold outside and I only go out when I absolutely have to. I love the change in seasons but I've had enough of this wintery crap. I'm already planning my outdoor gardens and can't wait to be able to walk and work on some outdoor projects.

We have a large window box on the front of the house that gets partial sun. It needs to be scraped and repainted but once that task is completed this picture depicts what my plans for planting are for that window box.

I'm also planning on making a rock garden under the window box. This is a small area that is hard to mow and just grows big ugly weeds that you nearly have to hand pull.

I just want to plant some low lying plants and a few succulents in that area.

There is an area between the breezeway and pool/deck too that I want to pour full of cement and use a mold to make a cobble stone appearance.

I've been scouring over projects at the Mold Store.

I'm planning to put herbs and flowers in pots all around the house and deck and am going to plant tomatoes, onions, a salad garden, cucumbers, green peppers, green beans and hot peppers. I want enough for our own personal use for salads through the summer but I also want to be able to make some home made salsa and tomato juice/sauce to can.

The mudroom needs to be retiled and painted. There is tiling to be done on the landing in the basement. All of the trim on the house needs scraped and repainted.

I've started a bunch of plant cuttings and will be nursing these along to give as Christmas gifts next year. I'm working on knitting scarves, dish towels and other things for gift giving or even sales next Christmas season at craft bazaars.

I'm just so excited about all of my upcoming plans that this cold weather is really seeming to hinder me and my spirit. I know that I have to focus on what is at hand right now and to keep smiling. So today it's walking at least 2 miles with Leslie Sansone, using my Shake weight in hopes of toning my arms and I think I'll do some step aerobics using the WII.

Today is my last day of work at the Day-By-Day Calendar store in the mall. I'm taking the rest of the week off. Woot woot! Hopefully I'll get word within the next couple of days whether I get my funding from TRA/TAA to start school.