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JM Talboo is a former editor for The Sovereign Independent newspaper, but left due to what he felt was disinformation not being properly vetted. That said, even SNOPES has been forced to do damage control because the publication eerily predicted that Bill Gates would be a major player in a vaccine push that would involve vaccine mandates

This speaks to a point that Talboo often makes, which is that there is an intellectual case for a conspiracist worldview based upon historical facts and admitted false flags and criminal conspiracies. In other words, that conspiracy is the MO of many of those in positions of power, the norm rather than an aberration.

In 2008 Talboo interviewed Presidential Candidate Orion Karl Daley and in both the interview personal conversations discussed the 9/11 truther movement with him and was thus mentioned in the book in the section on 9/11. Daley informed Talboo that he submitted a book he authored about his presidential platform to the Library of Congress where it is now cataloged. 

Talboo is the creator and administrator of the website Debunking the Debunkers located at where he and various contributors from a handful of countries have debunked the so-called “debunkers” of the 9/11 truth movement since 2008. Since that time, the site has amassed unique hits to the tune of what will be, before too long, a number of 4 million clicks and is going forward with new posts for the foreseeable future.

Issues directly related to 9/11 is still a mainstay, but ancillary issues in recent years receive more coverage as well. This includes topics such as conspiracism in general, as well as exposing Government and Big Tech corruption, coverups, and censorship, to name a few.

The logical fallacies of the self proclaimed skeptical community, the site contends is the more aptly dubbed pseudo-skeptic community, as it pertains to any controversial matter has been and increasingly continues to be a point of focus. 

The blog's central message has also been featured in pieces penned by site contributors for outlets including, a handful of articles written for AE911Truth,,, and others including the now defunct and an article picked up by The 911Debunkers blog is also featured on,, and Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth, among others. 

JM Talboo has been a 9/11 activist since since 2004 and his informational flyering efforts, message, blog, and affiliation was featured in The Newspaper site and hard copy edition. He was also quoted in an regarding demolition squib evidence in the Twin Towers and his affiliation was mentioned.

The aforementioned 911truth organization website and wider truth movement was ineffectively made light of on, and featured prominently on a South Park character's t-shirt. Talboo was a Steering Committee Member as well as a grassroots organizer previously also listed on that site for the state of Indiana before going defunct. He was also a member of the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth video team and authored a handful of articles for the organization, and was a founding member of the now, again defunct, central Indiana chapter of the activist organization We Are Change.

Talboo maintains, as some have stated a "prolific" amount of other websites, covering a wide variety of topics including some that focus on all things medical, political, paranormal, cultural, societal, as well as pop culture, the rigged NFL, and... Cats, to name a few. 

He also is, among other things, a DIY musician, but also featured in several record label compilations, an organized and formally educated/diplomed paranormal investigator featured in a published hard copy paranormal encyclopedia, and is the podcast host of the show. All of his material can be directly or indirectly accessed via the profile links found on posts at any of his sites including his catch all site

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