Saturday, January 9, 2016

Top 10 "Reasons" why the Powerball Lottery is a scam...!

Everyone loves to play the powerball especially when they see the pot grow to multi-millions,however there are hidden factors that most people fail to realize and these factors point to the Powerball as being nothing less than a scam..
Reason 1.) The odds are 1 in  195,249,054
Reason 2.) Unless every possible combination is played which is 195 million + you cannot have a 99.9% Degree of Certainty...this also means its to the lotteries advantage to print out duplicate tickets where there is not a winner despite the high volume of tickets sold.
Reason 3.) Its flat out deceit to make the claim that the lotto commissions pays out vast sums of money to winners when most of the winners take thier money and re-play the very next drawing only to lose what they've won...this kind of math the state lottos use is inaccurate.
Reason 4.) The PB lottery simply doesn't pay out enough for a win especially for small wins which is the bulk of the payouts..
Reason 5.) The PB lottery heightens everyones confusion by saying the powerball lottery is actually higher than what it the idiots in the media broadcast this confusion...
Reason 6.) The PB lottery run by the GOVT. actually gets a double cut of the pie:once before it goes into the powerball pool and then another before it is handed to you the winner .
Reason 7.) The projection models the PB lottery uses are inaccurate because they are inaccurate its waaaaaay easier to keep MORE of the money generated from sales....
Reason 8.) There is NOWAY in hellll you can projection model for future sales and be accurate within one percent like what has just been done here with the PB that was won on Wednesday ..
Reason 9.) State Govts should not get to borrow out of it(PB sales) like what was recently done in NC to pay off other debts...
Reason 10.) Given that there are WAAAAAY more states playing PB like Florida for instance that has a population of over 18 million the PB pot has not grown in relationship to the increase in player population which means individual states get to keep a GREATER percentage of the general pool money...!!


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