Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Darth Jar Jar/Jar Jar Sith Lord Theory Explained in Detail

This is hands down the most comprehensive and well-argued case for this theory.

I've seen a lot of material on this theory, but have yet to see anybody cite this good piece of evidence.
"The Gungan General" is the twelfth episode in Season One of theStar Wars: The Clone Wars television series. 
Commander Stone sends Jar Jar to "negotiate", knowing that the Gungan's ineptitude will be useful. As the pirates take him hostage, Jar Jar accidentally rams one tank into another and subsequently shuts down the power grid. The Weequays attempt to kill him, only for the clones to hold them at gunpoint.

Jar Jars supposed bumbling antics in this episode is also arguably responsible for the death of the Senator that puts Binks in charge of the Clones Troopers.