Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting pumped

I'm really getting pumped about the move back home. I found out there are wonderful bike trails that you can travel along the river and gain access to several small surrounding towns.

I snitched the following pictures from another person's site. Hey I didn't see any copyright information so if the owner comes along and wants me to take them down, drop me a line and I'll oblige.

I'm hoping we go into a period of Indian Summer once I get settled in so I can use the trails a bit before the snow sets in. Actually I don't even mind walking in the snow if I'm dressed properly. Bike trail information.

There are also scads of festivals and other activities that go on throughout the year so it looks like there will always be a new adventure to look forward to.

Just take a look at all the listings. City of Franklin.

And they have a pretty nice civic theatre. I've been here a couple of times with my daughter. Barrow Civic Theatre.

Plus I'll be fairly close to my beloved Cooks Forest.

I need a mountain bike for my rides and my goal is to eventually have a pink kayak with a headlight for night time and an ooga horn.