Saturday, August 22, 2009

Don't take it to a social network

I'm going to exercise my freedom of speech on this site, afterall, that is why I created this I could talk about what's on my mind far away from the maddening crowd of social networks.

For instance I found this article with a petition to save the world from stupidpeople.

The Internet is a tool for people to conduct business, and have fun. However, all too often, stupid people screw things up, for everybody. How does this happen? What can we do to stop it?

First, I would like to illustrate the nature of the problem. There are two major ways in which stupid people ruin the Internet for everybody. Each point will be discussed, followed by the solution the signers of this petition wish to see implemented immediately.

1. Spam. If stupid people were not allowed to use the Internet, we would have less spam. Allow me to prove this by the following logical argument. Why do people send spam? Because they know there are stupid people who will click on the "f-r-e-e p0rn" links. They know people out there will actually buy pills from a non-reputable seller online. If we remove the stupid people from the Internet, all the companies which rely on spam to do business will go bankrupt within a short time. Other sources of spam, like viruses, are perpetuated solely by stupid people. Anyone with half a brain knows not to open an attachment called "" from "". Finally, the last source of spam, chain letters, will be reduced by many orders of magnitude due to the fact that only stupid morons forward meaningless joke emails that you have heard 100 times already to you after you told them to cut it out and threatened to block them and did but they got a new screen name and didn't get the hint.... In conclusion, banning people from the Internet will stop spam.

2. l33t sp33k. peoplE whO typE likE thiS anD thinK itZ cooL. lol omfg rofl bbq stfu. PEOPLE WHO TYPE IN ALL CAPITALS CAUSE THEY DONT KNOW WHERE THE CAPS-LOCK KEY IS OR WHAT IT DOES. People who just wont shut up, and break every code of decency on the internet in forums, IRC channels, and instant messengers. Poor spelling and uncool typing style wastes approximately 10,000,000 (ten million) person-hours of hard-working people's time a day. Trying to de-cypher the questionably literate is a waste of everyone's time and money. I have a dream! I have a dream, that when stupid people are banned from the Internet, prosperity and intellectual discussion will take place of Role Playing. Proper grammar will take the place of smilies. I have a dream, that one day, little Asian boys and girls will not drop their vowels and overuse the letter Z. One day, people of all countries and dialects will forsake making up crappy new words like "hax0r" and just speak english the way it was meant to be spoken: like an ENGLISHMAN! Together they will join hands and sing the words of the old British monarchy: "You and I", "You and I", not "me and you", but "you and I"!

I hope that you, Mr. President, can introduce a bill to ban American-based ISPs from giving stupid people access to the Internet. Furthermore, I wish that international ISPs that do not wish to comply be economically blockaded and/or bombed until they come to their senses and join the fight for justice.

This will be good for the economy, too! I know you like that word "the economy"! lol


Now I realize that this post was all in fun but you have to admit there is a lot of truth to what the writer is saying.

I'm aware that a lot of people don't know how to spell properly and their grammar usage is atrocious but it's the pettiness that really gets to me.

For instance, I split up with my boyfriend and we still both have a presence on some social networks with mutual friends. He removed me from his friends lists, and that's perfectly understandable and probably the best for both of us to not be able to see what the other is doing or saying. I too made my sites private so he couldn't see the anger and bitterness I was telling my personal friends about, but I didn't do it on social sites where it was visible to anybody other than the intended audience of a few select friends.

However, we still share a couple of common friends (although the ones I'm referring to are certainly not my friends) and I chose not to remove them from my friends list because I didn't want to appear to be angry at them (it's not their fault we split up) and I didn't want to be petty.

I've kept my messages on a personal level knowing full well they would be watching what I wrote. I've even tried to be sociable with them by posting a nicety or two but of course... no response.

One person though, names unnamed, posted a message that was fully intended for my eyes regarding the living arrangements of her brother, my X. Just a little blurb to let me know he has a new apartment and is living alone and loving it. Well good for him!

Not wanting to stoop to the same level of pettiness exhibited by this person...I read the message and moved on. But deep down inside me I wanted to he is being transported to his job with no vehicle, how he will maintain an apartment on his own with drug addictions that cost him more per month than the normal cost of an apartment. I wanted to ask if she has seen history repeat itself with his various relationships and how each woman he has been with has complained about his bad temper which is displayed when he is drinking (most of the time but can crop up at any given moment). I wanted to let her know that she doesn't know as much about her own brother as she thinks she knows and that the previous women he has been with can't ALL be crazy.

I wonder about the similarities of the temperment of the people in this family. They all seem to possess the same identifying character of being openly opinionated, argumentative, judgemental and having a bad temper. Hmmm... makes you wonder doesn't it?

But no... I will post my message on my own little board and if perhaps you stumble upon the words I've written and recognize yourself as a character in this story... Keep your comments to yourself. You know my email and phone number and if you want to engage in a war of words... have at it. Ready and waiting.