Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Home Made Wen Recipe Using Essential Oils

As many of you know I love making home made products and I’m all about frugality, however, living a frugal life doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate good quality. 

I have been using Wen hair care products for several years now and swear by them.  I have dry coarse hair that requires the daily use of an extra oil product and using regular shampoo was just too caustic for my hair type.  However, Wen is very expensive and so I went looking for an alternative.  I finally came up with a simple and very cost effective recipe. 

1 ½ cups of conditioner (I use Tresemme usually but most any kind will do)
30 drops of Essential oils

Ohhhh easy and cheap.  Nice. 

My favorite so far is Rosemary Oil but you can also mix it up and experiment with any of the following few:  

· orange
·  lemon
·  peppermint
·  tea tree (melaleuca)
·  peppermint for an extra kick and for oily hair
·  eucalyptus
·  lavender
·  Roman chamomile   
·  lemongrass

*as with any hair care product use precautions to not get it in your eyes

If you are looking for a way to purchase your essential oils at wholesale prices take a look at what Young Living has to offer.  Although I have purchased essential oils for many years I was never certain about the purity of what I was buying.  With Young Living there is no question.  They have a Seed to Seal quality guarantee and I know that my oils are the purest of the pure.