Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Some Perspective on the Cincinnati Gorilla Killing

Some animal experts say the zoo was too quick to shoot the ape and should have attempted other ways to save the boy first. 
“When gorilla or other apes have things they shouldn’t have, keepers will negotiate with them, bring food, their favorite treats, pineapple or some kind of fruit that they don’t know and negotiate with them,” Ian Redmond, the chairman of The Gorilla Organization, told CNN. 
“I don’t know if that was tried or people thought there was too much danger but it does seem very unfortunate that a lethal shot was required.”  
I think we would have been told if they had tried anything like that. The fact that they didn't, plus the outcomes of past incidents makes it very doubtful to me that they should have killed the gorilla. This video offers some majorly needed perspective...

Ian Redmond is well-known proponent of Bigfoot: