Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Black Lives Matter Los Angeles Responds to The NRA With Their Own Video (REACTION) - Black Lives Matter vs the NRA - Black Lives Matter is Still Bullsh!t

A Los Angeles based splinter cell of Black Lives Matter made gave their video response to an NRA video narrated by Dana Loesch. She spoke of the turmoil our country is going through at the current point in time and she said that the only way to fight the lies is with a closed fist of truth. Or something to that extent. So of course, the NRA video was seen as threatening to many individual people and subversive groups on the left such as the aforementioned Black Lives Matter. There’s a few problems with that through proces.

The first thing to understand here is that Dana Loesch just spoke about what’s happening in the United States today. There was no call to arms other than the police who are called to arms every single day they step foot out into the streets. She urged people fight with the truth against the harmful rhetoric of Black Lives Matter and their ilk every day. BLM’s take on it is a little bit different.

A spokeswoman for BLM narrated their response video to the NRA. She spoke a lot about white supremacy and how it affects blacks in a negative way. Leadership in the United States were also called out, but not for anything in particular. Just mostly for the crime of being white. The woman called out a handful of names that had been killed by police. She didn’t say why they died or who killed them. Black officer, white officer, or other. Everything seems to be about blaming whites. At the end of the day, racially divisive and harmful groups like Black Lives Matter should be disbanded before into internet troll come out of the woodwork to commit tragedy like what happened in Dallas Texas a little over one year ago.

Who is Criticizing Black Lives Matter?: