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Daily Rabbit Hole #383 | Alex Jones banned from Facebook | Pensmore mansion - Gizmodo RESPONSE: Ted Cruz Bravely Defends Alex Jones Against Facebook's Temporary Internet Jail

From Gizmodo, response follows...

“Am no fan of Jones—among other things he has a habit of repeatedly slandering my Dad by falsely and absurdly accusing him of killing JFK—but who the hell made Facebook the arbiter of political speech?” Cruz wrote. “Free speech includes views you disagree with. #1A”
In other words, there’s a war on for your mind!

Saying Cruz’s dad shot John F. Kennedy is, however, extremely low on the list of bad things Jones and Infowars have done.

Recently, that list includes promoting far-right personalities like white supremacist Faith Goldy, who endorsed “ethno-nationalism” on the anti-semitic Red Ice media network and does video reviews of fascist literature, as a candidate for mayor of Toronto. (Infowars ran a somewhat confused front-page spread on Friday calling her a “pro-Trump nationalist.”) More broadly, it’s included targeted harassment of mass shooting survivors and their relatives, the official reason for Jones’ temporary Facebook suspension and one of the many things Jones is currently facing lawsuits over.https://gizmodo.com/ted-cruz-bravely-defends-alex-jones-against-facebooks-t-1827948027


First off, the JFK issue with Cruz's dad is far from being made from whole cloth.

Secondly, I don't support ethno-nationalism, but I understand the anti-white racism that spurs it. 
But Faith Goldy holding it as an ideal, if not promoting violence (which she isn't), does not make her a white supremacist anymore than thinking Japanese wanting to have a majority in Japan makes them racists, or China wanting to consist of mainly Chinese, or Africa
 being majority African. This is utterly ridiculous nonsense and a double standard. I've seen a lot of Goldy and I've never heard her say a racist word whatsoever. The claim that Red Ice is anti-Semitic because they dare levy criticism at Jewish individuals sure doesn't hold up for her former Jewish owned employer known as Rebel Media, who I have never heard her speak ill of in racial terms either. I suggest readers here listen to her and judge for yourself...

39:00 Yeah! This is something I can agree with. I'm an intelligent black conservative Canadian, and this is the way I personally feel. I support a white majority here in Canada.

Here is a Red Ice interview with a Jewish podcaster and publisher of the The Jewish Alternative, who sees eye to eye with these supposed racists on their identitarian views. Below is a very recent interview with a Mexican activist who sees eye to eye with these supposed racists on their identitarian views. The discussion goes there, but is centered on the issues of censorship being discussed here...

It should be noted that the only ethno-state in existence is the Jewish state of Israel...

Regarding the lie that Jones has engaged in "
harassment of mass shooting survivors and their relatives," here is how I addressed this issue in a recent open reply I wrote to Joe Rogan...

Why does Rogan repeatedly keep mentioning Sandy Hook as a talking point against Jones on his shows, but yet he can't be bothered to find out what Alex has actually said about it???

Sorry, I always question whether people's indignation is healthy when others question if people actually died in an event. Seeing as how our government actually put these phrases in a document...

"Casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation."
"Conduct funerals for mock-victims"

If they are referencing the Parkland shooting it is equally disingenuous. 

Full Show - MSM Launches All Out Attack On Infowars For Questioning Parkland, FL Shooting Narrative

Again from Gizmodo...

Jones’ suspension is thus not so much suppression of “free speech,” as Cruz claimed, as it is a penalty for violating Facebook’s terms of service. To the extent that it raises any concerns at all, it’s that it follows weeks of criticism over Facebook’s refusal to ban Infowars and CEO Mark Zuckerberg claiming Holocaust deniers are merely ignorant, leading one to suspect that Jones’ ban was simply an arbitrary half-measure designed to calm down the critics rather than coherently enforce its policies across the board. (Importantly, Jones’ 30-day suspension reportedly only affected the reach of his personal account and not Infowars’.) https://gizmodo.com/ted-cruz-bravely-defends-alex-jones-against-facebooks-t-1827948027

So authoritarian leftists have been crying foul because Facebook was for a time acting in a constitutional manner. Listen up, you Orwellian prophecy fulfillers, class is in session!...

Zuckerberg Slammed for Refusing to Ban Holocaust Denial on Facebook

Facebook must comply with Germany’s laws banning Holocaust denial regardless of its own internal polices, authorities gave a warning to the company CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, who said Holocaust deniers' comments should not be removed.

It sounds like Zuckerberg is for free and open debate regardless of the issue being discussed. The core overlooked issue here is if the Holocaust deniers are wrong they can be countered by dispassionate argument - like arguing against a flat Earth. 

The biggest problem is that many countries make ANY debate on the topic illegal, like Germany.

Why should academics or researchers go to jail for airing information that can be proven wrong in the public space? If a Holocaust denying video like the one appearing below is factually wrong it should be a simple matter of offering a good counter argument. One should not be imprisoned for this sort of thing:

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, July 24th, 2018.]

I Condemn the Firing of [Anti-Trump] Cartoonist Rob Rogers (The Legacy Media are Cowards!) - Styx

No, Huffpo, it isn't because of an "attack on the press" it's because cowards run most editorial board rooms including yours.

The issue of free speech and a free press applies to all sides of politics. It's up to the public to decide what they agree with.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, July 23rd, 2018.]

I also condemn this censorship. Inciting violence when the rule of law instituted by the government hasn't completely broken down, as can be argued in the UK, is the only speech not protected.

"When the Law fails, repeatedly, and over a long period of time, people will take things into their own hands."http://spookyweather.blogspot.com/2018/07/uk-fire-rises-vigilantes-attack-rape.html

The Court held that government cannot punish inflammatory 
speech unless that speech is "directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action."

Brandenburg v. Ohio - Wikipedia

Supreme Court unanimously reaffirms: There is no ‘hate speech’ exception to the First Amendment: 

Shutting down the free speech of others who you deem abhorrent, who are not being violent, and who you are being violent towards, doesn't constitute a break down of the rule of the law. This situation, ahem!... ANTIFA, doesn't give you the right to incite violence, much less carry it out!

- JM Talboo


More tripe from Gizmodo...

In any case, by amorphously framing the issue in terms of “free speech,” Cruz can ignore the context and content of said speech and further the ultimate conservative endgame: having no accountability for anything they say whatsoever. They don’t want Facebook to play fair so much as they want it to play by their rules and on their terms, and if making the Pizzagate pusher who thinks the Illuminati puts chemicals in the water to make “the friggin’ frogs gay” into a martyr helps, so be it.https://gizmodo.com/ted-cruz-bravely-defends-alex-jones-against-facebooks-t-1827948027

Two quick debunks...

STFU Up Tom Arnold! Roseanne Isn't Racist, Your Buddy Arnold Schwarzenegger Is. Pizzagate Hasn't Been Debunked and There's An Intellectual Case for Conspiracism:


Scientific American Confirms: Atrazine Herbicide is a “Sex-Changing Weed Killer” that Turns Male Frogs GAY:


No, we want Facebook to follow the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution because these are public utilities at this point where people communicate with family and friends. Or perhaps the creation of an separate internet Bill of Rights. If the phone company wanted to ban me from service because I had what they deemed incorrectly to be a "racist Nazi" supporting Trump 2020 sign, you might see the issue? That is what is going on! Of course this modern day example has more pitfalls, but the "accountability for things said" is not being fairly applied. The US Constitution is the answer! As Jones correctly states, the solution to 1984 is 1776!!!

Here is a lot more important context than anything Gizmodo provided...


Table of Contents

Part One: The Societal Cost of Censorship and the Denial of the Right to Exist
Part Two: The Fight for Reality (censorship motivations and justifications)
Part Three: The Fallacy of “Fake News”
Part Four: Decentralization and the Structure of News Consumption
Part Five: Technological and Psychological Methods of Overt and Covert Censorship
Part Six: Legislative and Regulatory Solutions to Techno-Tyranny

The Conservative Case for Breaking Up Monopolies Such as Google and Facebook:


Youtube Should Take a Stand and Condemn the Legacy Media for Raiding Infowars

I bet anything this is like when the NYT wrote their first hit piece on them. Also, note that their channel is still up despite four strikes, which is disconcerting almost as much as that Youtube isn't publicly condemning this obvious raid: https://tinyurl.com/yayttv78

Youtube Gives Infowars a Strike as CNN Allegedly Scripts Entire Town Hall

Scripting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9owTNI0q8PU&pbjreload=10
Strike: http://archive.is/DdQR5

James Gunn Controversy, Connections to Tony Podesta / Tony Podesta Gets Immunity - Roseanne is Back! - James Gunn vs Roseanne Controversies, Compare and Contrast

James Gunn Controversy, Connections to Tony Podesta / Tony Podesta Gets Immunity - Roseanne is Back! - James Gunn vs Roseanne Controversies, Compare and Contrast

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Don’t Be Concerned About Michael Cohen - Desperately Seeking Collusion - Still - Cohen Claims Trump Knew in Advance of 2016 Trump Tower Meeting - GIULIANI: COHEN’S TRUMP JR. STORY ‘DIDN’T HAPPEN’ – HE’S ‘BEEN LYING FOR YEARS’ - CNN Found "the Trump Tape" πŸ˜† - Trump’s Ex-lawyer Michael Cohen Turns Over Tapes To CNN - Michael Cohen Turns Into Trump Traitor With Audio Tapes? - Cohen Tape: Bird on the Wire or Nothing Burger?

RUSH: I’m sorry. I’ve gotta deal with something CNN has been doing the past couple of days, CNN and the Drive-By Media. And it’s time to once again interject a little common sense here.
As I’m sure you know, CNN has been breathlessly reporting that Michael Cohen, all these tapes with Trump and Trump said all these incriminating things and then that Michael Cohen said that Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting that his son took with the Russian honeypot and all of that and that Trump has denied knowing anything.
By the way, Cohen doesn’t have any evidence for this. He has literally no evidence, and even CNN’s been forced to admit this. But let me just try to cause you to have no concern about this. Robert Mueller is relying so little on Cohen that he gave that case to the Southern District of New York. The U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York has the Cohen case, not Mueller. If Cohen had anything that would help Mueller do anything with Trump, he wouldn’t have handed off the case.
So what Cohen is doing here is trying to get the best deal he can get from the U.S. attorney’s office, Southern District of New York. He’s trying to make it look like he’s got all kinds of dope on Trump and he’d be willing to give it up. But the thing that you have to realize here is very simple. This is not Mueller’s case. He gave it away. He gave it away weeks ago. He transferred anything to do with Cohen to the Southern District of New York like he’s done with pretty much every other charge that he has made in this case. He’s sent it off to some other court, some other jurisdiction.
The other thing that they’re trying to make hay about is Trump and Mueller all of a sudden interested in Trump’s tweets. It’s preposterous. I don’t know where CNN is getting its information, who’s leaking to them, but Donald Trump has been tweeting since his campaign. The idea that Robert Mueller just now got interested in ’em? I mean, if that were true — and it isn’t — but if it were true it would mean that Mueller doesn’t have anything. But the idea that Mueller’s been ignoring these tweets all this time?
But about the tweets. The tweets are not evidence. The tweets don’t show anything. They’re nothing more than what Trump’s thinking or saying at the time. There’s nothing actionable in the tweets. This is like trying to say that exit poll results count more than real votes. There’s nothing here.
In fact, if any of you are still concerned about this, there isn’t going to be an indictment of Donald Trump from the special counsel. The only concern that everybody should have about this is impeachment. That’s where this investigation has always been going. And this investigation’s phony anyway. The Mueller investigation is an offshoot of all of the illegality that took place on the Democrat side and on the Hillary side.
It is simply to cover up all of that, because, remember, when this campaign began, the Department of Justice, the Democrat Party and everybody in the Obama apparatus had to make sure that Hillary was exonerated of any crimes involving her illegal server and trafficking in classified data, and all of this has been about exonerating her and framing Donald Trump.
But there isn’t gonna be any indictment of Trump, he hasn’t obstructed justice, he hasn’t colluded, and so all there’s gonna be is a report that’s gonna question Trump’s fitness, maybe his thinking, maybe his reactions, and it will be setting up an impeachment proceeding if the Democrats win the House. And as an ancillary thing, maybe they’re gonna try to once again drive Trump’s approval numbers down.
But this stuff that CNN’s hyperventilating with today over Cohen, you just need to stop and think, it’s not even Mueller’s case. Oh. And speaking of that. I have a piece here by Julian Zelizer, CNN political analyst. “Trump Sounds Normal in Private. It’s All an Act.”
CNN thinks they figured Trump out. They have been listening to the tapes with Trump on the phone and Trump talking to Cohen. And they have concluded that he sounds normal as anybody else does on the phone. He doesn’t sound crazy. He doesn’t sound mean. He doesn’t sound insane. And so obviously the Trump that appears on TV is acting.
And you know why he’s acting? Because he knows that you, his supporters, are a bunch of lamebrain idiots that he has to act for. He has to perform in such a way to make you think that he is a continuing victim, that everybody’s out to get him. He has to talk in these mean-spirited, bigoted ways to relate to you. Oh, yeah. That’s CNN’s latest big discovery.
“Reading anything into a short, grainy tape recording is difficult. But from the moment that CNN’s Chris Cuomo shared one of the Michael Cohen tapes, experts have sliced and diced the audio to figure out exactly what then-candidate Donald Trump knew about a payment to keep his alleged affair with former Playboy playmate Karen McDougal off the front pages.”
As an aside, there isn’t even any crime here. You know, Rich Lowry has a piece at National Review, and it’s also an instructive piece in how this stuff doesn’t work, why it doesn’t work. He makes the point that I have made over and over again. This stuff that the Democrats have been pulling on Trump would have gotten rid of every Republican candidate or president in the past.
And one of the reasons the Democrats and the media are frustrated is because they can’t get rid of Trump using the time-honored techniques that they’ve always succeeded with. They were able to destroy Romney. They were able to destroy George W. Bush. They’ve been able to engineer the resignations of Mr. Newt and a bunch of other people in Congress. And what they do doesn’t touch Trump. And they don’t figure it out. They just keep trying to pile on more of the same.
For example, Lowry says this incident on tape with Trump talking to a fixer about paying off a Playboy playmate would sink anybody, particularly any Republican candidate. Why doesn’t it sink Trump? Well, we’ve been through all the reasons for this. One of Lowry’s explanations is that the bar has been set so low with Trump that no new revelation is gonna shock anybody, not after the NBC Access Hollywood video. And so there just isn’t anything that’s gonna shock anybody. Trump’s already survived numerous such attempts to take him out.
So something like this, as far as Trump supporters are concerned, there’s nothing new here. No reason to get upset. But I think it’s far more than that. I think not enough credit’s being given to the sophistication of Trump supporters. And it is that it doesn’t mean anything, when compared to what these people think is really important, like saving the country, like growing the country, like saving our culture. Whether Trump’s running around with Playboy playmates is not relevant to them.
And they’re not gonna allow the media to take another Republican out. There’s also that part. They’re just not gonna sit by and let this happen again. Because it happens every election cycle. The media goes after some Republican or whichever effective public figure they want to target, and somebody’s scalp is usually claimed. They’re not gonna abandon Trump. They’re not gonna let it happen. They’re far more sophisticated this time around than any of these critics realize.
But I wanted to get the stuff out about Cohen because CNN, once again, is falling all over itself thinking they’ve found the smoking gun, they’ve found the magic bullet. And now with Cohen saying, “Hey, Trump knew about that meeting that Donald Jr. had with the Russian honeypot in Trump Tower.” Trump is on the warpath claiming he didn’t know about it and he’s really letting Cohen have it. And now CNN’s forced to say that Cohen doesn’t have any evidence for the claim. But the bottom line is, it’s not even Mueller’s case.
Now, you might be saying, “Could he get it back, Rush? Could he get it back?” He’ll work with the SDNY but the point is he gave it away. He’s known about Cohen for who knows how long. The special counsel and his 13 witch-hunt specialists have known all about this. They’ve looked into all this and stuff we don’t even know about that they’ve looked into. They didn’t just decide that Trump’s tweets may hold some gold. They didn’t just decide that Michael Cohen may actually have the smoking gun bullet.
They long ago concluded that he doesn’t. Otherwise, the case wouldn’t have been passed off to the Southern District of New York.
RUSH: I just went to the audio sound bite roster, and I found a couple things. My buddy Andy McCarthy was on Fox last night making the same point that I just made about Cohen. Question that was Laura Ingraham last night, “What do you make of this latest claim that Cohen says that President Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting with” the Russian honeypot?
MCCARTHY: I’ve always thought that if Mueller believed that Cohen was somehow the key to proving a collusion case against Trump, there’s no way he lets that case walk to the Southern District of New York. So I’d be surprised if this links up to anything that’s serious in the way of collusion like an espionage conspiracy. It seems to me that the Mueller investigation is winding down to a conclusion.
RUSH: Yeah, I don’t know about that. You know, they keep adding things that supposedly Mueller is just deciding to look into, like the tweets. But Andy has a comment on that too. But look. This is correct. There’s no way. If Cohen has any kind of goods on Trump, Mueller doesn’t give the case away Southern District of New York. So the next question, “Okay, how do you obstruct an investigation with public comments?” This is the tweets. I mean, how in the world can tweeting represent obstruction of justice?
MCCARTHY: The whole thing is preposterous. To have state of mind or a criminal state of mind is irrelevant unless you’ve done something that actually can amount to obstruction. The president cannot obstruct justice by taking lawful actions that are within his constitutional prerogative, like pardoning people or firing Comey or weighing in on whether somebody should be prosecuted. I understand the style problem, like they don’t like the way Trump goes about things. But you still gotta kind of like prove the thing that’s a crime before you start worrying about what somebody’s state of mind was.
RUSH: Right, and they still don’t have that. There has been a crime announced to pursue because it’s always been a counterintelligence operation, which is why there isn’t gonna be an indictment. Now, this next one I just want to play you for the fun of it. Yesterday afternoon Sheppard Smith on Fox spoke with A.B. Stoddard who has moved again. She’s now over at Real Clear Politics, the associate editor.
She’s been everywhere. She worked everywhere in that town. And, you know, Shep is all excited. We know that the president was involved in the payout to a former porn star. We know that he’s talking to a lawyer. Shep is all excited. Shep really thinks this Cohen stuff is gonna amount to something. He’s all excited, and A.B. Stoddard has to tell him that Trump voters don’t care about any of this.
STODDARD: If Republican voters say that this is fine with them, that it wouldn’t have changed their minds — that they heard the Access Hollywood tape in October of 2016 and went ahead and voted for President Trump anyway — then all of this personal conduct is off the table and anything —
SMITH: What about the cover-up?
STODDARD: — federal level. This general perception that he was paying off girls to sort of get them out of the way and protect his marriage has been really accepted by all of his supporters generally if you look at the polls, including he’s very strong and devoted evangelical Christian base.
RUSH: They can’t believe it. They simply can’t. They can’t believe it. You know, Shep is looking to A.B. Stoddard to tell him that Trump’s gonna be had. Something’s gonna happen. “We’re gonna get Trump! We’re gonna get Trump! This is the best chance we’ve had, the last straw,” and she’s right. You know, Access Hollywood video is the baseline, and so far they haven’t had anything go below that — and if you survive that, then all the rest of this is just noise.
Trump voters have made it very clear they’re not gonna let this guy get derailed the way the political system has always been able to derail political enemies of the system, of the deep state or of the establishment. And they keep, you know, hoping that some new development is gonna cause all of you Trump voters to snap to and to wake up and realize that you should abandon this guy because of his style, his lack of sophistication.
But then remember this CNN piece where they think they’ve figured it out. Because Trump isn’t who you all think he is. He’s a normal, average guy. You can hear it on the tapes. He’s not extreme. He’s not wacko. He has very plainspoken English, very easy to understand. But when he gets on TV, he has to start performing for you Trump idiots, you see, and that’s when he starts dumbing himself now. This is what CNN thinks they have figured out by listening to a couple of sentences of Trump on the tape of his fixer or lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Desperately Seeking Collusion - StillCohen Claims Trump Knew in Advance of 2016 Trump Tower Meeting
Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's former personal attorney, claims that then-candidate Trump knew in advance about the June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower in which Russians were expected to offer his campaign dirt on Hillary Clinton



Giuliani added no one will be able to corroborate Cohen’s story because “it didn’t happen.”

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime,” Trump legal team member Rudy Giuliani reacted to reports that Michael Cohen is willing to tell Special Counsel Robert Mueller that President Trump knew about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russians prior to the meeting and approved of the meeting by saying that Cohen has no credibility and has “been lying for years.”
Giuliani said, “I expected something like this from Cohen. He’s been lying all week…he’s been lying for years. I mean, the tapes that we have demonstrate any number of very serious lies by him back a year and a half ago, including his fooling people, hiding tape recordings, telling them they weren’t recorded, lying to their face, breaking faith with them, taping his client, which is a disbarrable offense. I don’t see how he has any credibility. This is basically if you had a trial, and there won’t be a trial here, but if you had a trial, you would say, well, which lie do you want to pick? You want to pick the first lie, the second lie, or maybe some new lie? There’s nobody that I know that knows him that hasn’t warned me that if he’s — his back is up against the wall, he’ll lie like crazy, because he’s lied all his life.”
Giuliani added no one will be able to corroborate Cohen’s story because “it didn’t happen.”

Don’t Be Concerned About Michael Cohen - Desperately Seeking Collusion - Still - Cohen Claims Trump Knew in Advance of 2016 Trump Tower Meeting - GIULIANI: COHEN’S TRUMP JR. STORY ‘DIDN’T HAPPEN’ – HE’S ‘BEEN LYING FOR YEARS’ - CNN Found "the Trump Tape" πŸ˜† - Trump’s Ex-lawyer Michael Cohen Turns Over Tapes To CNN - Michael Cohen Turns Into Trump Traitor With Audio Tapes? - Cohen Tape: Bird on the Wire or Nothing Burger?


Ron Reagan - "Trump’s Base Would Pick Putin Over Any Democrat As U.S. President" - List of links seeking truth, not deep state spin, on Putin/Russia... 


Ron Reagan - "Trump’s Base Would Pick Putin Over Any Democrat As U.S. President" - List of links seeking truth, not deep state spin, on Putin/Russia...

Ron Reagan - "Trump’s Base Would Pick Putin Over Any Democrat As U.S. President"

List of links seeking truth, not deep state spin, on Putin/Russia...

Stop Saying, “Putin Invaded Ukraine and Annexed Crimea”:


Russia Didn't Do It - A Letter to Australian Senator Craig Kelly Over Comments Made About the MH17 Shoot Down:


So Did Putin Kill Journalists?:


Did Putin Poison A Russian Ex-Spy, Or Was It A Globalist False Flag?:


100% Proof! Russian Collusion was a Hoax Designed to Impeach Trump and Divert Attention from Internal Email Leak & Clinton Criminal Activities:


9/11 REMEMBERED (WARNING: very emotional)

Visiting the 9/11 Memorial and Museum was an emotional experience that I will never forget. The museum pays tribute to every single victim of the horrible terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.


Families of 9/11 victims are furious over the admission price and gift shop at a museum housing human remains.

The below link proves that many thousands of family members want a new investigation. Likely the amount of people killed that day is outnumbered by these 9/11 victim's family members...

Controversy Brims at Grand Opening of 9/11 Museum AE911Truth On-Site to Set The Record Straight:


wtc7 demolition comparisonThe original "9-11 Questions" by artist Anthony Freda is now owned by the 9/11 Museum, though it is not clear whether its curators intend to ever display it in public.
Really? 9/11 Truth Art Accepted by Museum at Ground Zero:


Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Going To War With Iran, New Poll Finds

This week relations between Iran and Washington entered a heightened intensity and new war of words, with the dangerous potential for an actual war seeming to rise daily, especially after President Trump’s latest twitter warning to Iran of “consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before…” should Iran’s leaders threaten the United States.
The US has repeatedly threatened to throttle Iran’s international oil trade as it’s moved closer to imposing sanctions on countries including key allies that don’t eliminate or significantly cut imports of Iranian oil by Nov. 4. It’s but the latest crisis to emerge after the White House pulled the US out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in May. This is why gauging public opinion on the prospect for war with Iran is particularly important at the end of this week.
The new HuffPost/YouGov survey finds the prospect of war with Iran out of step with the American public on a bipartisan basis:
Just 23 percent of the public say they’d support the U.S. deciding to declare war on Iran, while the majority, 53 percent, oppose the idea. Just 9 percent would strongly support declaring war, while 37 percent are strongly opposed.
The survey further finds: “Voters who backed Hillary Clinton in the last election are the most vehemently against the idea, with 82 percent opposed and just 6 percent in favor; non-voters are also opposed, 48 percent to 20 percent.”
And concerning Trump supporters: “Voters who backed President Donald Trump’s campaign are more likely to support a war against Iran, but even among that group, backing remains below the majority level, with 47 percent saying they’d support declaring war, and 29 percent that they’d oppose it.”
Numbers among Trump supporters:
The poll was taken early this week, soon after Trump blasted Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani on twitter, eliciting multiple belligerent statements from Iranian military generals which followed.
The poll also found that 60% of Americans surveyed were aware of the Trump tweet through news reports, with 12% saying they’d seen in directly on twitter.
Numbers among Clinton voters:
About 60 percent of Americans polled say they’d heard about Trump’s tweet, although just 12 percent had seen it directly on Twitter, with the rest learning about it from the news.
The poll concludes of Trump’s general handling of Iran-related issues“Overall, 36 percent of Americans say they approve of Trump’s handling of issues related to Iran, while 42 percent disapprove, and the rest is uncertain. That net -6 is slightly more positive than overall views of Trump’s job performance.”
There are a number of hawks in the Trump administration who would like to see a preemptive strike happen based on the claim of an alleged continuing nuclear weapons program, most notably among them national security adviser John Bolton and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani. Though notorious uber-hawk Bolton may have had his wings clipped by President Trump, he’s on record as wanting“regime change in Tehran” before 2019.



Tucker: An Iran war would destroy Trump's presidency - Tucker Carlson Warns: ‘Gulf Of Tonkin Incident’ Could Be Staged To Get U.S. Into War With IranTucker: An Iran war would destroy Trump's presidency - Tucker Carlson Warns: ‘Gulf Of Tonkin Incident’ Could Be Staged To Get U.S. Into War With Iran:


Dan Harmon Calls for Extermination of Americans!

Dan Harmon Calls for Extermination of Americans!

Ian C 2
I love Rick and Morty, but jesus christ Harmon is unhinged... The Left really cant see that they're the fascists can they?

Masculinity Matters
Screaming about Fascism while behaving EXACTLY like Mousolini!

Luci Paradise
This is truly frightening. I mean geez...we live, work, and walk among these people, people who are certifiably crazy. You can't even identify most of them until they are all up in your face or worse.

When you start telling people not to engage in dialog....🀦 What's also "interesting" about this is you've got Muslims that are exactly the same way and the Left just thinks they can "reason" with them. HELLO! How can you reason with someone that won't even talk with you, that acts like this guy? These are dangerous times.

George Christiansen
Nothing sadder than actual commies ranting about imaginary nazis.

Exactly why they are not getting our guns.πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


Dan Harmon's High IQ Comedy - James Gunn, Jesse Thorne and Dan Harmon are DISGUSTING - RICK AND MORTY creator DAN HARMON abruptly leaves TWITTER after sick video uncovered: