Friday, May 13, 2016

Reply: Don’t Believe Trump’s Claims to Be Anti-War

First, when it comes to the crisis Trump currently sees as our country’s main threat, ISIS, his proposals are outrageously brutal and extreme. He has demanded we bring back torture, attack the families of terrorists, and has said he wants to bomb the “*** out of ISIS.” He has even flirted with using nuclear weapons on the battlefield.
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For starters, a message from the friendly editor of the SpookyWeather blog:
Like him or hate him, Donald Trump is the most anti-war candidate left.  
Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders generally supported the 'humanitarian' intervention in Libya (that handed the country over to extremists), they continue to call for regime change in Syria (that would hand the country over to ISIS), they backed the coup in Ukraine that installed out-and-out fascists in Kiev (and are still 'standing strong against Russia'), and they backed the recent 'self defence' attack upon the people of Gaza.   
Hillary is a neocon hawk. While Sanders, who rails against the disastrous occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, keeps essentially the same position on other conflicts as President 'proxy war' Obama.   
Does this mean that Trump can be trusted at face value when it comes to war? Obviously not. However, the neocons and the establishment (pro-war) media hate him and are doing everything they can to undermine his campaign. 
Trump doesn't think the US should be the police of the world and has said that nuclear strikes would be a "total last resort" that "you just don’t want to be using nuclear weapons."

Trump was wrong about torture and going after terrorists families, but has reversed those positions.

Trump stated “that the United States is bound by laws and treaties” and that he would “not order our military or other officials to violate those laws and will seek their advice on such matters.”

"After all, he’s repeatedly endorsed violence against protesters at his rallies. Why should we expect him to be any more temperate when dealing with potential threats abroad?"

The evidence that he has repeatedly endorsed violence? One comment about how he'd like to punch a disruptor in the face. In fact, Trump has repeatedly disavowed violence despite some some very hateful protests levied at him.

100% Proof That Donald Trump Does Not Incite Violence at His Rallies

"'Please do not harm or touch the protester. This is a peaceful rally.' This message that is played at EVERY Donald Trump rally before the event begins is 100% concrete proof that neither Mr. Trump nor his campaign in any way encourages or incites violence."

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