Friday, May 13, 2016

Alex Jones Discussing Zionist and Israeli Conspiracies

A lot of people in comment sections claim Alex Jones is a Jewish, CIA Bill Hicks Clone, Zionist Israeli shill. Obviously a lot of those people are despots, but regardless I am here to prove to you he isn't any of these things.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange recently released a stockpile of emails from the Texas based think-tank STRATFOR in the latest action bringing private information public. The emails were thought to have been obtained from the group Anonymous, a collection of hackers that have gained recognition over the years for hacking large corporations and government networks.  Alex Jones is mentioned in one of the secret emails from STRATFOR where he is described as a “lunatic”. The email reveals they wished he would have dropped the Osama bin Laden staged death story and “stopped complaining”. Far from being an operative, their private internal emails show he is considered a thorn in their side.