Thursday, April 7, 2016

Is Cruz Switching Delegates Post-Election “Just Politics” or Theft?

Conservatives are divided whether Cruz taking delegates in states where he didn’t win a single one is fair game or immoral. Is it the same as citizens lobbying or persuading their elected representatives on an issue?

Editor's Note:

Even if one were to illogically argue that this isn't theft, Sean Hannity pointed out on his radio program tonight that in a normal election cycle Kasich would get out of the race. An article I ran across tonight proclaimed that the GOP cannot steal what Trump doesn't earn, but obviously there is an unprecedented effort taking place (that includes voter fraud and rigging, paid provocateurs, and attacks from establishment hacks) all in an effort to try and ensure that Trump technically doesn't earn what he rightfully deserves....

Sean Hannity Grills Reince Priebus Over John Kasich Staying In Race
By Sarah P

During an interview with RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus, Sean Hannity asks him point-blank why Kasich is staying in the race. Priebus does his typical song and dance about how this is not really all about a contested convention and semi-assures us that the nominee with the most delegates will get the nomination. Here are some quotes:
Hannity: "Kasich mathematically has no chance to get to 1237. You are the chairman of the party...all he is doing is preventing anybody from getting the the magic number. Do you think that good for the party"
Priebus: "If someone gets to the majority of delegates before the convention, they are going to be the nominee...there is no doubt about that...if someone doesn't get the majority by the time you get to Cleveland. the explanation is very is fair, it is very fair. You have to get a majority to become the nominee..."
Hannity "If somebody falls short between now and then....if Kasich picks off 200 delegates, and that prevents Trump or Cruz from getting it...they have served the position of spoils...if the establishment comes in and says 'lets get a consensus candidate and we will take it away'...they are going to walk out so angry and so frustrated and feel so disenfranchised. Doesn't that create a disaster?"
Priebus: "The truth is, if a candidate were to drop out, those delegates would become unbound, so it is still up to the candidate themselves to accumulate a number of bound delegates before the your point, that is why it is really important for the party to play it straight..."
Hannity: "I gotta tell you, it is getting a little scary to me...."
Hannity played a clip from North Dakota, Carly Hagland, saying:
"The rules says that it is a vote on the delegates at the convention, not the primary vote...Political parties choose the nominee, not the general public, contrary to popular belief."
Well, that clears it up. Voting is a big waste? Primaries mean nothing? Wait...
Hannity: "What is the point of anyone voting then?"
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