Thursday, October 12, 2017

NYT Editor Admits Anti-Trump Stories Are ‘Pushed to the Front’ in Project Veritas Undercover Video

James O’keefe of Project Veritas has released yet another undercover video exposing the biased reporting of mainstream media outlets in a series he calls “American Pravda”, a reference to the famous communist news organization famous for its propaganda.
Nick Dudich, an Audience Strategy Editor for NYT Video who previously worked for the campaign of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, was caught on video admitting that injects an anti-Trump bias into his reporting and role as editor.
Dudich is a self-described “gatekeeper” for the videos published by the New York Times, admitting that his “imprint is on every video” they release on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.
The undercover journalist working for Project Veritas engages in a conversation with Nick Dudich regarding his role with the New York Times, his decision making process when publishing videos and his admitted biased towards President Donald Trump.
While talking about being objective at the Times, Dudich replies candidly, “No I’m not, that’s why I’m here.”
Dudich considers himself an important player at the New York Times, telling the Project Veritas Journalist “my voice is on… my imprint is on every video we do.”
Dudich goes on to explain what he might do to target President Trump:
“I’d target his businesses, his dumb f*ck of a son, Donald Jr., and Eric…
“Target that. Get people to boycott going to his hotels. Boycott… So a lot of the Trump brands, if you can ruin the Trump brand and you put pressure on his business and you start investigating his business and you start shutting it down, or they’re hacking or other things. He cares about his business more than he cares about being President. He would resign. Or he’d lash out and do something incredibly illegal, which he would have to.”
When the undercover journalist asks Dudich if he could make sure that the anti-Trump stories make it to the front, he replied, “Oh, we always do.”
As stated in the NYT Ethical Handbook, the goal of the New York Times is to “cover the news as impartially as possible.” It continues in Section 62:
“Journalists have no place on the playing field of politics. Staff members are entitled to vote, but they must do nothing that might raise questions about their professional neutrality or that of The Times.
He even had to quit his job in journalism in order to work for the Clinton campaign: “I had to leave my job at Fusion ABC to then take a job at Upworthy where I wasn’t deemed a journalist anymore to be able to work for the Clinton campaign.”
Dudich explains how his activism motivated him to re-engage in the news business: “Like, after the Clinton campaign, I’m like, no I need to get back into news and keep doing shit because, like, this isn’t going to change.”
Nicholas Dudich also told the undercover journalist bizarre stories about his personal connection to the FBI and his previous excitement as part of Anti-Fa.
“Yeah, I used to be an Anti-Fa punk once upon a time.” he told the undercover journalist. “So, I had fun. They’d start s**t, I’m like, I get to hit you. I’m so excited.”
In essence, Dudich admits that in his capacity as an editor for the New York Times he is responsible for artificially enhancing the appearance of anti-Trump videos and stories on social media. He also openly admits his lack of objectivity, as if it’s an open secret at the New York Times that they have an agenda beyond simply reporting the news, and that agenda is to damage, tarnish and ultimately destroy the administration of President Trump. Not only that, but in Dudich’s own words he would also “target” Trump and his children’s brands for boycott in attempts to ruin his business, hoping that Trump would ultimately resign his post as president to tend to his business affairs, which Dudich seems to believe are more important that the presidency to Trump
A common theme among anti-Trump journalists seems to be their belief that Trump cannot possibly care more about America and the American people than his own money and power. This belief is likely rooted in their own experiences and feelings, as they have only ever dealt with politicians who place their own interests above the American people, and they themselves would do the same if presented with that choice.
The Project Veritas video outlining the New York Time’s biased policies is below:
During last year’s election, James O’Keefe released an undercover video revealing Democrat operatives openly bragging about inciting violence at Trump rallies using a practice they called “bird dogging”, which involving paying provocateurs to enter the rally for the purpose of causing chaos (Project Veritas Undercover Video Exposes Democrats Inciting Violence at Trump Rallies).
Project Veritas was also responsible for exposing a CNN producer admitting that the entire “Russian collusion” narrative involving President Trump is a “witch hunt”, and the network is pushing the story for the sole reason of the ratings it receives (PROJECT VERITAS: CNN Admits Trump-Russia Stories are a ‘Witch Hunt’ and Pushed for Ratings).
These and other undercover videos by Project Veritas reveal what many conservatives have already known for many years, which is a deep-seeded anti-conservative bias exists within nearly every mainstream media outlet that dictates their reporting. The primary goals of media outlets such as CNN and NYT consistently appear to align with the Democratic Party, which includes diminishing support for Republicans, demoralizing the conservative voter base and ultimately destroying conservatism as a prominent force in America.
Since Donald Trump’s victory in last year’s election he has become the leader of a movement to not only uphold conservative values, but to smash the traditional political establishment and status quo that no longer serves the best interests of America or the American people. Trump’s “shocking” victory has caused the mainstream media to crank out propaganda and anti-Trump stories at an astonishing rate, and readers would be hard pressed not to find at least one anti-Trump headline at the top of every media outlet’s website at all times.
“Journalism is dead” is a phrase often mentioned by popular conservative talk show host Sean Hannity. When it comes to the mainstream media’s lack of journalistic standards, it appears that statement is entirely accurate. However, their bias and decision to abandon fair reporting in favor of pursuing a political agenda has only given rise to independent journalists such as James O’Keefe and many others who are delivering a healthy dose of truth to the American People.