Saturday, October 7, 2017

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell's Panel Claims Trump Is Mentally Ill Because Of Debunked News Stories

drinking wisconsinbly 6 hours ago
Stop the hammering says trump is mentally unstable? really?

mad evol sinner 6 hours ago

moormagic1 6 hours ago
After seeing O'Donnell's meltdown, he'll be doing reports in his mom's basement soon.🔨😝

Heather Keniston 5 hours ago
This is very scary if they can do this with a president without even meeting him personally they can do this to anyone they wish that they don't agree with to silence the opposition.

Gonzalez131 3 hours ago
this also puts us at risk with foreign policy. The world would not want to make business with trump or the USA believing the lie that trump is somehow mentally ill.

Mark Mywords 2 hours ago
+Gonzalez131 I don't know I am AUSTRALIAN and think trump is the best thing in politics since slice bread. He makes the media look STUPID and MENTALLY UNSTABLE but then again over he our MSM portray him the same way as yours, and we have people here that fall for it hook line and sinker. There is a culture war all over the WEST and we gotta keep pointing out the GLOBALISTS BULLSHIT.

4 Meta Vinci 6 hours ago
Sure if all you listen to is their own reporting Trump looks inconsistent. It is a good sign that this is all they have and most people are starting to see then (MSM) as the crazy ones. Every single piece of s*#t they've slung at him never seems to stick so they pick the remnants off the floor and sling it at him again. Eventually they've got more shit on their hands than the pile they started with. It's all laughable as they continue to go all in on their bs. Let them expose themselves as shills. Truth eventually finds a way in spite of what they tell you.

Ironclaw 6 hours ago
Any psychiatrist who would make a diagnosis about someone without examining them first is unethical and should lose their license.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell's Panel Claims Trump Is Mentally Ill Because Of Debunked News Stories