Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton Collapses in New York During 9/11 Memorial; Blames Pneumonia (REACTION)

Hillary Clinton collapsed during a 9/11 memorial ceremony Sunday morning, September 11th, 2016. Donald Trump and many other world dignitaries were in attendance. The series of events started when she was spotted awaiting a motorcade curbside during the actual event. This in itself was notable, because the ceremony was still happening, and she was not supposed to be leaving yet. As she stands on the curb, there are many handlers and secret service agents by her side. When a black SUV pulls up, one of the handlers opens the door on the right hand side of the vehicle. 

This is where things get weird. Instead of simply walking into the vehicle, Hillary struggles to move. The motion of her body took on sot of a wobble. It's reminiscent to what happens to people that have sugar diabetes when their blood sugar is low. She is so wobbly that she actually trips over the curb and falls down. With so much of an awkward force and/or angle that one of her shoes flew off and fell under a vehicle. This all happens with aides by her side actually trying to hold her up. Some have said that his apparent lack of control over her motor skills, coupled with the previous 
seizure-like incident, denote Parkinson's disease. Although no medical records have been released to confirm or deny that.

Hillary Clinton's camp has come out to say that she was diagnosed with Pneumonia on Friday, September 9th 2016. Which would make sense if she was simply sick this particular weekend, but does it explain the series of events before this weekend, dating back years? The constant coughing fits, including the latest 4-minute debacle during a campaign stop in Cleveland. The previous fall into an airplane years ago that left her with a concussion and possible blood clot in her brain, which she pointed to as a reason why she could not remember certain information that was pertinent to the FBI. Something else is going on here under the surface, and eventually the beans will have to be spilled.

At age 68, she will be the second-oldest President to be elected if she wins, right behind Reagan. Trump would be the oldest at 70. Trump doesn't seem to be exhibiting any complications with age, but Hillary does. Maybe she should just drop out and stop trying to usurp more power than the Clinton Crime Foundation already has.