Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Thoughts on Still Report #931 - Final Word on Trump Univ

Updated 6/9/2016

In the below video Bill Still says that O'Reilly and Trump did great here. I say they did OK. O'Reilly contends that the group La Raza, or The Race, isn't racist but just has a racist wing. There are Hispanics who seemingly disagree and think La Raza is a racist group. Taking major pride in one's race is exactly what all of these racist groups do. What I'm getting at, is that you could argue that the KKK is such a group and that there is a racist wing to it and another wing that just supports white pride. It's a slippery slope and I say that perhaps being a part of any such group for any race should be considered racism.

Of course being Mexican and/or Hispanic isn't by definition a race, but two-thirds of Hispanic adults say being Hispanic is part of their racial background and of that figure many on census forms used write-in responses such as Mexican, Hispanic, or Latin American.

Radio host Michael Savage recently took on a caller on the topic of La Raza who claimed the judge in the Trump University case was not a member of the group. Savage stated that while the La Raza lawyers organization in question was a separate legal entity from the Council of La Raza, that ideologically they are joined at the hip. He reminded his listeners that The Race they are advocating for here is not an all inclusive human race, but specifically for brown people racially speaking and Hispanics ethnically speaking.

From that starting point, here is my assessment. A judge with Mexican heritage who is part of a group associated with Mexican racism, is clearly treating Donald Trump unfairly in court. This is a sentiment (the treated unfairly part) that has now been echoed by Washington, DC law professor Victor Williams. It is certainly true that Trump's policies can be perceived as being against Mexicans, when in fact they are simply for national sovereignty. Therefore, this could be the reason the judge is treating him unfairly. It could also be a partisan issue as they bring up in the below video.

The bottom line is this. Trump is not a racist or sexist. But don't take my word for it, just ask his former female Mexican and former female black employees. The judge is undoubtedly treating Trump unfairly and is associated with a racist group. Trump's policies have been misconstrued as being against members of that racist group and therefore it was Trump that, in bringing up the La Raza issue, essentially questioned whether racism was at hand. He never said, as many have claimed, that a Mexican or Muslim judge couldn't be impartial. He was just saying it was "possible," based on misunderstandings of his policies, that such judges could be biased against him. It is truly amazing that this got twisted around to Trump being a racist. Trump is just a realist.


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