Saturday, June 4, 2016

Roberto Duran - Beyond the Glory (Documentary)

Roberto Duran - Beyond the Glory (Documentary) by debunkerbuster

“Why didn’t Muhammad Ali fight Roberto Duran?”

Ali and Duran are often ranked among the greatest boxers of all time. Moreover, they were both at the height of their careers at the same time. Ali was the heavyweight champion during some of the same years (1974-78) that Duran was the reigning lightweight champion (1972-1979).

Why didn’t they fight each other?

Basically, because it wouldn’t have been a fair fight. Boxing weight classes were established in the late 19th century so that boxers would only be able to fight other boxers of similar size and weight. The idea, which has governed the sport ever since at both the amateur and professional levels, was to reduce the number of lopsided (and, consequently, boring) fights and to prevent large boxers from picking on smaller opponents.

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