Thursday, May 5, 2016

The 1995 Redwoods Bigfoot Film AKA The Goddard Bigfoot Video


In his book Bigfoot: Encounters Past To Present, Daniel Perez, of notes that when, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, a Full Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology, went on site to investigate the film he estimated the size of the figure in the video to be about 7 feet 10 inches tall. When Perez investigated the site he concurred with Meldrum estimating the height at "just under 8 feet tall."

Notes from David Bittner, Pixel Workshop Inc.

I personally performed one of the image enhancement sessions to the above mentioned video footage. I was provided with a Beta SP, first generation dub from the Hi8 original. The footage was consistant with what one would expect to see from a Hi8 camcorder shooting under low-light conditions, with a large amount of chroma noise.

We digitized the footage and tried several different kinds of image enhancement, including level and gamma adjustments, magnification, slow motion, noise reduction, as well as an edge enhancing unsharp mask filter. Several combinations of the above techniques were used, each yielding various degrees of enhancement.

The low contrast and high noise of the footage made the enhancement process difficult at best. Still, we were able to see many details with more clarity than was possible in the original footage. Our analysis of the footage reveals nothing that would indicate a hoax. There is no visible evidence of a costume, and there is nothing that indicates any doctoring of the video or other use of special visual effects. - Source:

 There are a number of anatomical features suggested on the video that are very intriguing -- head shape and position, genitalia (?), muscle definition and action, foot and ankle anatomy, and more. These observations alone are enough to cause me to give the video serious consideration. I have arranged for two independent enhancements of the video, giving particular scrutiny to the points I mentioned. There is a frame that should give some detail of facial features as well. We will have the results in the near future. I have also been at the site, personally interviewed one of the witnesses, and read the testimonies of the others. So far nothing to suggest any lack of credibility in their account. Dr. Jeff Meldrum - Source: <--- Images source.

Enhanced film sources: