Saturday, March 12, 2016

UFO Education - The CIA and UFOs (The 1953 Robertson Panel)

Author and journalist Terry Hansen discusses the apparent role of the CIA in manipulating public perception of the UFO topic.

UFO Education - The CIA and UFOs (The 1953... by debunkerbuster

The CIA does not simply deal with foreign intelligence, they manage information and media in the USA. The clip here mentions CIA involvement with CBS and the National Inquirer tabloid newspaper.

Readers might be familiar with Operation Mockingbird, the existence of which revealed broad CIA influence of the mainstream media.

The relevance of the above clip is that it reveals specific manipulation of the media, as a CIA activity, from at least 1953 within a disinformation framework. The roots of this activity go back to various techniques that matured during World War 2. Such a decision, to control information, is understandable because during the Cold War, managing the domestic media, like the USA managed foreign Governments, would have been an essential activity of the Security State.

So, when you consider the disinformation surrounding events such as the false flag 911 attacks, or NASA's misrepresentations of the planet Mars (where they try to diminish the idea that life can exist there, and the implication it is common in our galaxy), you can be pretty sure that some of the architecture behind it originated with the Robertson Panel that sought to discredit UFO reports.

The simple lesson is that some leading media personalities and various academics are undoubtedly lying when it comes to issues that are sensitive to National Security State concerns.

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(Note: If the US acquired nuts and bolts technology in 1947 then having security to hide this fact would have been a priority for US military chiefs.)

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