Friday, March 22, 2013

Practicing what you preach

I have known and practiced many money saving tips for years but I get a little lazy and it's a sporadic venture for me.  Now that I've been out of school for over 5 months and have been unsuccessful in obtaining a full-time job I have come to the conclusion that I have officially become one of the millions of underemployed people in the USA and that I am currently underemployed. 

One money saving tip that I haven't adhered to is that of not feeding a vending machine for snacks, especially at work.  At $8.00 an hour, working between 4-6 hours a day, spending a couple of bucks for a soda and a snack costs me a quarter of my hourly wage. 

Therefore today my lunch consists of a homemade sandwich, a butter bowl of microwave popcorn, and a bottle of purchased iced tea.  I could reduce the cost of this by making my own air-popped corn and my own tea. 

There are things I can't control, such as the economy, but I will endeavor to control that which I can and if I can't earn more money at least find ways to save what little I do earn.