Thursday, January 20, 2011

Curtains finished and other projects

I finished the bedroom curtains last night.  It took me three days for the complete project but keep in mind that I'm not working right now so I have the time to devote.  I think they turned out pretty well but I'm waiting to see how the light of a sunset look streaming through them.  It's been dreary and cold here for the last couple of weeks and I haven't seen a pretty orange/pink sunset in a while. 

It's my hope that the sun will glint on the beads and will filter through the pattern of the crochet to shadow dance on the walls. 

My cousin Cheryl is a photographer and has a beautiful cat.  She has asked that I make her some berets for the cat to wear so she can do a photo shoot.  I whipped out four little hats and will mail these out to her, probably tomorrow.  I used the dogs sock monkies and faithful old kermit to model three of the hats. 

Today I have to stick around the house.  They are delivering the new tv.  When the tv decided to crap out on us a couple of weeks ago Bob started researching the best prices and found a 47" for $599.00 through Tiger Direct and there was no shipping and handling.  Now that is going to be some serious tv watching with that big of a screen.  I know some people have larger but this will be the largest yet for me and I'm loving it. 

I got a call last night from Borders and although I was supposed to work 4 hours in the store on Friday night I'm now being told that there is new management coming in and they want to interview all of the people that were intended as new hires (leftovers from the seasonal help) so will be setting up an appointment. 

It's okay with me that they are taking their time.  I was only working there part-time awaiting word from the federal government as to whether they are going to fund my training as a medical assistant through TRA.  School starts February 1st and I should be hearing something official at least a week before school starts. 

So...looking for more projects to keep me busy.  Lord knows I have enough yarn stash that I can work on!  There is always household cleaning to be done and I need to exercise.  At best I've worked out 4 times since the first of the year and it's already the 20th.  So much for New Years resolutions once again.  Just like those Monday morning diets that last until Tuesday. 

More snow on the way and the temperatures are still low teens and twenties.  This cold snap has dragged on for several weeks now and it's starting to wear on people's nerves.  We are all badly in need of a shot of spring.