Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More about Jobe

April 22, 2009

Mother Becky Drysdale is still grieving over her 25-year-old son's death.

"He was very thoughtful, kindhearted, hilarious," said Drysdale. While she remembers her son Jobe, it's his best friend she's now worried about.

"My son is gone but you don't want someone else's life to replace another one."

Jobe Drysdale's best friend, 25-year-old Stephen Fields is charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated resulting in death.

"I dont feel he should be charged," said Becky. Joshua Drysdale, Jobe's brother agrees.

"I know he(Fields) would trade places in a heartbeat with my brother, if he could," said Joshua.

Police say Fields and Drysdale had been out drinking at a bonfire late Saturday night near Richmond in Wayne County. Fields was driving home but stopped by railroad tracks in Wayne County where he says his friend Jobe went to relieve himself. Fields then says his truck started to roll into an oncoming train. He says Jobe tried to stop the truck but ended up getting hit and killed by the oncoming train. Prosecutors say they're unsure if Fields was in the driver's seat when the truck rolled so charges could be modified in the case. The two young friends grew up together in Kennard. Becky Drysdale wants the charges against Fields dropped.

"As close as they were,and as much as love as we have for one another the story of what happened doesn't matter."